How Kim Kardashian greeted Kanye West after Paris Robbery

In October last year, Kim Kardashian went through a horrible robbery at gun point in her Paris apartment, which saw her lose lots of jewelry and not to mention, having to endure the psychological and mental strain of the frightening experience in general. Kim Kardashian has now explained to her mother, Kris and to Kourtney, how this has affected her when Kanye West would come home late in the evenings, without telling her that he was even on his way; triggering flashbacks to the Paris robbery, where she feared that she would either be killed or even be raped by the intruders.

“Hello, Asshole” Credit: DailyMail

Plus, let’s not forget the conjunctive mental breakdown episode of Kanye West, shortly thereafter the Paris robbery and to think that many people had thought that they would’ve split up by now. Let’s give Kim credit for keeping the family together and let’s learn more of why Kim Kardashian greeted Kanye with the simple and effective phrase of “Hello, asshole”.

Kim explained to her sister and mother on a preview of the next KUWTK episode, “I totally freaked out”, explaining one night when Kanye returned home late from a concert, while she was asleep with daughter North in bed, as she overheard footsteps coming from the front stairs, she said,

“He always comes up the back stairs. Like, I always know he comes out the stairs that go into my room. But he came up the front stairs, and all I heard were his feet stomping up stairs”.

Kim elaborated on the horror that she felt to Kourtney and her mother Kris, “Like, at three in the morning, he came in, and that’s the same time the robbery happened. After a concert, he can’t hear that well, so I’m going, “Hello, hello!’ Like, exactly what I did and he’s not responding to me ’cause he can’t hear me”

Kris looks on in shock. Credit: DailyMail

Kim said she started to cry in fear, clearly still traumatized from the Paris robbery, even though the suspects have now been caught and it was revealed to be partly an inside job, further describing Kanye’s unexpected entrance to the home: “And then he walks in, and I’m like, ”Hello, asshole.” I’m like, ”We’ve got to come up with a plan. You’ve got to announce yourself”, she quipped at him.

Do you think he deserved being called an asshole for sneaking into his own house, like that? We think that Kim was completely right to say just that to him, in those circumstances. What an asshole!

Concerned Kourtney, listens. Credit: DailyMail

Kim has already revealed that she thought she would be killed and or raped in the robbery in Paris and this incident surely showed a lack of knowledge from Mr. West, in sneaking up the stairs in such a way, after the horrors of the Paris robbery.

The heist in October of 2016, was the largest jewelry theft of a private citizen in France for more than two decades, and so far 17 people have been arrested in connection with the robbery and so far ten of them have been convicted thus far.

The jewelry thieves stole an $10 million worth of jewels, including her 20-carat engagement ring from Kanye West, himself. So, perhaps Kanye should’ve been a little more careful with his home entrance, after an incident like that one, for the sake of his wife’s peace of mind in such trying times.

The new ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ episode airs Sunday on the E! channel. Make sure you tune in, to see how Kim Kardashian greeted Kanye, with the phrase, “Hello, asshole!”


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