Times When The Simpsons Made You Go “Hmm”

The Simpsons from Springfield, have now been around for twenty-nine seasons, and it is confirmed that the much-loved TV series will continue, until at least the very end of 2019, with season 30 already in the works. During that time they have created a whole town, provided a whole new world and also constantly entertained us with jokes that were fit for adults; whilst also slipping in some intriguing future predictions of our own futures, outside of Springfield. A TV show that will never be eclipsed by other shows like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Dad’ and whatever else that annoying Seth McFarlane ever comes up with next, because this is Matt Groening and he’s far more clever than Seth (middle finger) McFarlane will ever be.

It’s better than no place, at all, as they say.

In fact, we have been watching the new Simpsons episodes and let’s just say that life was way better with just The Simpsons on TV and we feel that they are somewhat on a revival of sorts, in recent times, with even rumors of another ‘The Simpsons’ film, possibly in the works, as well. Please do it, just make it happen!

So, let’s now take a moment to check out some of the times that The Simpsons, completely predicted the future and other weirdness and joyous moments from ‘The Simpsons’ in some fun gifs.

Let’s take a look at when in 1996, The Simpsons took a thinly veiled dig at the Pope and Evangelists because of $$$.

Money $$$$

Remember that time when Roy from Siegfried and Roy, was mauled by a Tiger, you guessed it, The Simpsons called it, many years before.

Rarrrr! How’s my face taste?

That election year, when they predicted machine voter fraud way before it was even discussed on mainstream media. A vote for John McCain, meant one automatic vote for Barack Obama or vice versa? How cheeky?!

It was the Democrats turn, apparently.

Stop! Really? How about the time in 1998, when they predicted the horrors of FarmVille, that annoying Facebook game that you always got invites for. Hmmm?

That time when they predicted the Donald Trump presidency. Let’s see the famous escalator ride, right here! Thank god for Mister President, Donald Trump.

Put America First and then Wave!

They predicted Guitar Hero and The Rolling Stones on the famous game before it happened, say what??? Guitar Hero was first released in 2005, you know?

Guitar Hero, eh?

Ned Flanders using an IPOD back in 1996. Crazy! How did they know? What did he listen to?

Flanders searching for his jam!

Now perhaps for the most shocking and disturbing of all, there’s the infamous 9/11 prediction hidden in plain sight! (Stunned!)

Any magazine thats costs $9 should set off alarm bells.

Here’s another apt one, perhaps in reference to Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and one thing is for sure, that after 2004 in the U.K., there seemed to be a lot of new inhabitants showing up everywhere in the country. Who opened up the floodgates of migrants, making England unrecognisable? You guessed it, so did The Simpsons, it’s Tony Blair in disguise, innit? Or is it? Morphing into Pakistan here….

Is that a Blair lookalike turning into Pakistan?

How about this one, predicting and seemingly knowing about all the wonderful horse meat that we have unknowingly eaten over the years, “Lasagne a la Horse” meat and so on….

Just eat it, tastes great! It’s meat, just eat!

Who needs a time machine when you have ‘The Simpsons’, here seemingly foreshadowing the legalisation of Marijuana, with a Pot Dispensary, right here! Before their time, once again…

Smoke away America!

Is there anything that ‘The Simpson‘ didn’t predict? What should we do? They seemingly know everything before it even happens. Here’s our advice.

Lots to do!

So, just carry on watching ‘The Simpsons‘, because let’s face it, they’re not done yet by a country mile, so just keep watching and see if you can pick up on any more future predictions that are coming to reality in the near future.


We’re all about The Simpsons! Brainstain, over and out!

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