UBER: Self Driving Cars Suspended

Self driving cars? Sure, we’ve heard of them, but please come back to reality now, could you? It seems like in the world of Tech companies and within their upbringing with Star Wars and Star Trek, they actually believe that robotics can do amazing things, like drive a car without incident, but it’s not so, is it? Not if this latest news is anything to go by and let’s just say that we are not surprised in the least.

Uber have suspended their self driving cars after a road vehicle incident, which saw one of their self driving fleet of cars, lying lopsided on a street in Tempe, Arizona, and no less, it was a sturdy Volvo that was laying tanked out on the tarmac, like a defeated Transformer, who just lost an epic battle of the future. Back to square one, right?

You don’t get safer than a Volvo, yet look what we have here. Credit: TheGuardian

The Volvo SUV that crashed had two engineers in the front seats, at the time of the crash, but it is not yet clear if the vehicle was in self drive mode or not?

This crash comes at a time when Uber have been experiencing a few set-backs in recent weeks, ultimately with its departure of their president, Jeff Jones.

The official Police report for this crash in Tempe, Arizona, suggests that this collision was caused by another motorist that had failed to give way to the self-driving car, rather than a malfunction of the vehicles robotic cleverness. Hmm?

In response to the crash, Uber has suspended all its self driving cars in Arizona, California and in Pennsylvania, the three states where self driving vehicles have been tried and tested.

Jose Montenegro from the Tempe, Arizona Police, said “There was a person behind the wheel. It is uncertain at this time if they were controlling the vehicle at the time of the collision.”

The self-driving cars at this testing stage, have always had a human inside, ready to take over the controls, in case anything should go wrong. Well, it went wrong anyway and surely even the smartest of minds, would question a self-driving car in the first place, right?

Uber have seen a lot of their executives quit in the past few months and the company have also been questioned over their workplace ethics, as a result.

Add to this the legal issues that have hampered their venture into self-driving cars and their relative testing in California.

What’s worse than a drunk driver? Probably an Uber that drives by itself, judging by this recent road accident, as how in the hell can a robot within the car, judge anything as complex as driving a motor vehicle?

Would you feel safe waiting on a robot? Then, driving with one? Credit: TheIndependent

How did this robot even get a license, right? Did the robot have to take 45 hours of driving tests and road safety theory?

No, we didn’t think so and if it did, it still can’t stay on the road as is exemplified here, even with a human aboard to take control of it in case anything should go wrong.

So, how about this? Let’s stop pushing the sci-fi in Tech and let’s keep ourselves realistic and practical, instead of wasting money on such trivial and downright stupid ventures, such as self-driving cars.

We can all agree that Uber is a great service in many cities across the world, but would you ever step foot inside a self-driven car, even now or in five years time?

Imagine all the possibilities of what could go wrong and then multiply that by ten and you’re slowly realizing that this dumb idea is about as safe as letting a monkey fly an airplane.

Come on Uber, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Self driving cars? Just “NO!”


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Featured Photo Credit: Uber Newsroom

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