Rihanna Stars In Famous Psycho Shower Scene Recreation

The TV show ‘Bates Motel’ recently had artist Rihanna starring and reprising the seemingly unending role reprisal of all remake scenes in film history, that just keeps on being remade all the time, as a homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Yes, seemingly this dead horse of a magical scene by Hitchcock, won’t be entirely dead, until it has been done by recording artist Rihanna, but she didn’t disappoint as we got to see another remake of the famous shower scene, yet again.

Nice rack from the front. Credit: DailyMail

Seemingly nothing is sacred anymore, as Rihanna reprised the role of Marion, originally played by Janet Leigh in the 1960 classic film, plus after plenty of remakes before it, like the remake with Vince Vaughn playing Norman Bates and Anne Heche was the one stabbed in the shower, back in Psycho of 1999. Now it was Rihanna’s turn in the latest psychotic scene reprisal of Hitchcock’s masterpiece, as ratings were sure to soar with some half-naked Rihanna time in the shower.

Now the rear. Credit: DailyMail

What’s not to like? Maybe, it’s just having to see so many remakes of the same famous scene, over and over again, that’s what! Originality has no mystery in a remake or does it?

Ultimately, in the original film, Janet Leigh is stabbed to death by Norman Bates, this time played by Freddie Highmore, as if we weren’t expecting that one, but that didn’t actually happen in the Bates Motel episode entitled ‘Marion’, because after Rihanna’s shower she said, “Screw this sh*t” and just leaves.

No dying for Rihanna, then? Her character in the TV series stole $40,000 from her place of work (like original) and goes on the run after finding out her boyfriend was married. Shades of the original again, but completely different in a sense, so guess what happened next?

From the top. Credit: DailyMail

Her boyfriend, Sam played by Austin Nichols, frantically tries to find her and he then ends up at Bates Motel, where he decides to shower, only to be stabbed to death in the shower, instead of Rihanna. In the same shower? What are the chances?

Somebody fire the screenwriter! But, at least Rihanna’s character lives on, right?

We would call something like this as complete sacrilege to the Alfred Hitchcock classic, but seemingly nothing is off bounds, when you’re doing a remake of the famous ‘Psycho’ film scene, any longer.

Perhaps, the whole point was just to see Rihanna take a shower and then surprisingly, not see her get killed in the shower. How original, even for a TV show, right? Wrong!

Looks familiar, only this time it’s a man in the shower. Zzzzzz. Credit: DailyMail

But, Executive Producer of the TV series, Carlton Cuse, explained to Variety that it was a new twist to the original stories character of ‘Marion’, “We spent a long, long time talking about how Marion Crane for 2017 had to be a very different character than the one in the 1960 Hitchcock movie” he explained.

“It was important to try to bring that character into the contemporary world.” Said Carlton.

Yeah, but you forgot to kill her, no?

Anyway, this is one way of doing yet another remake of the iconic 1960 Hitchcock ‘Psycho’ shower scene, with Rihanna reportedly not able to watch her steamy shower scene, because it was too steamy.

Are we shocked that it’s been done again? Not really, but are we saddened to see it reprised for seemingly the hundredth time? Quite possibly, we might be.

Still it’s not everyday you get to see Rihanna take a shower. So, can’t be that bad or do you agree that this show is just unnecessary?


Brainstain, over and out!

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