Dave Chappelle Makes Unexpected Cameo In Chris Rock’s Stand Up Show

Stand up comedian Dave Chappelle made an unexpected cameo appearance during Chris Rock’s return to stand up comedy in New Orleans on Saturday night at the Saenger Theatre, with an impromptu and candid 30 minute session of jokes which Dave Chappelle had explained as being, according to the Times-Picayune,

“Tonight, you are all part of a social experiment. Stranger things have happened in New Orleans”. Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock being long time friends, later enjoyed the stage together after Dave had joked about Chris’s recent divorce, Bill Cosby and commented on some of the LGBT jokes that he had used in his recent three Netflix specials. Anyway, let’s refresh our memory with this now infamous and on point SNL skit about the US election night, last year in November, featuring Chris Rock.

Classic material! And, even prior to Dave Chappelle hosting Saturday Night Live, it was clear that he wasn’t a Hillary Clinton supporter and rightly so, let’s be honest Dave Chappelle isn’t stupid and he never ever has been.

In New Orleans, Chris Rock later joined Dave on stage and they made everyone laugh it up for a good hour, but unfortunately there’s no recorded footage of the set, as the audience couldn’t enter with their cell phones on the night. So, it was a very special treat indeed for the audience; to see these two comics on stage together, both safe away from the prying eyes of recording cell phones and so eventually the topic turned to Donald Trump.

Rock asked Chappelle, “Did Trump do anything today?”

“No, he’s still languishing in the failure of a health care bill. I think Donald Trump is gonna’ save America by accident” Dave Chappelle joked to numerous laughs in the theatre.

“Oh, you wish you had your phones, right?” Chris Rock pitched into the crowd.

Towards the end of the set Dave Chappelle, said “I just realized that this might be one of the flyest things I’ve ever been apart of. The only thing better would be if Eddie Murphy lowered from the rafters,” he joked.

Dave Chappelle had in the past made some seemingly coded messages of support for Donald Trump in recent times, which shows that he’s not apart of the same agenda as a lot of other celebrities, which provides us with the satisfaction of logic in these intolerant times regarding the U.S. President from far left liberals (unknowing marxists), which further goes to show just why Dave Chappelle is our favourite comedian, because he always talks the truth, something which we also like to do here at Brainstain.

Here down below you can catch a snipper of Dave Chappelle’s recent Netflix special and surely his comedy knows no bounds and he’s a true purveyor of “free speech”, something which is seemingly on the decline these days, so at least we will always have Dave Chappelle to tell it like it is! Bless!

Salute to Dave Chappelle! Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Times-Picayune

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