Alicia Keys Accidentally Glorifies Islamic Female Oppression

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you will have realised the plentiful amount of celebrities that seemingly work as social justice warriors, pushing various agendas on part of the evil elite and shoving ideologies, false information and complete lies down our throats.  For instance, all the celebrities who were being paid by the Clinton campaign to encourage you to vote for Hillary Clinton, because she’s not a racist like Donald Trump they said (what a joke!). Anyway, as you know, 65 million American’s voted right and saw through these celebrities and their motivations, and they saw through the mainstream medias “fake news”, as they still do, but there’s still many celebrities out there pushing agendas, like Alicia Keys.

Anyway, can you recall after President Donald Trump’s Inauguration, when they had all those pointless Women’s Marches, which were funded by the “enemy of the people” i.e. George Soros, and then we saw just how disgusting and vile the liberal left actually were, with outbreaks of violence here and there, lots of pink pussy hats and Madonna saying that she had thought a lot about blowing up the White House. Yes, you remember, don’t you?

Excuse us, what is this? Credit: TheGatewayPundit

Well, what wasn’t also forgotten was how the Burka, Niqab and Hijab was spread on mainstream news in the form of Linda Sarsour, a female Muslim Political Activist from NYC, who was now seemingly some sort of Saint, in her promotion of Islam, a religion renowned for their intolerance of gays, transgenders and within their general mistreatment of women and their rights across the world, seeping herself into the American mainstream media almost unnoticed to spread ideologies of Islam under the veil of women’s rights marches after the election of President Donald Trump. What in the world are we witnessing, you may ask? Well, social conditioning and anything to counter and spread hatred to the election of Donald Trump as President, by the deluded liberal lefties that were seemingly bamboozled into almost conforming to Islam in various images spread by mainstream media.

An Image of evil in disguise, Linda Sarsour. Credit: Telesur

Seemingly, feminist rights groups and activists had been colluding with Linda Sarsour and George Soros, to make Islam into some sort of “Girl Power” stance for women’s rights, when in all actuality it is “Islam” which is one of the symbols of major female oppression in the world. So, fast forward to yesterday’s tweet from musical artist Alicia Keys and let’s see what she posted yesterday, shall we?

Credit: AliciaKeys/Twitter

Alicia Keys, the singing and piano playing artist that was once so well liked by all, tweeted out this photo and message, which was met with a fierce backlash from the Twitter world, for seemingly supporting the oppression of women’s rights across the world, with her very unthinkable promotion of differences, with an unclothed leg sticking out of her burka veil. Quite shocking to say the least, don’t you think?

How in the world did she think that people would react to this image? Who knows, but let’s show you some reactions right away, shall we?


Fair point, wouldn’t you say? It didn’t take long before Alicia Keys, who had recently vowed to stop wearing make-up to reveal her natural self and probably even stopped shaving her armpits too, (but who cares about that?) when you pull out something like this? Her statement didn’t make any sense at all, in respect to females all around the world that are currently suffering from the oppression of Islam, simply by being a woman. The majority of the world’s population couldn’t be offended, could they?

However, as you can see, she deleted her Tweet very rapidly, but not before it was picked up by everyone, everywhere and now she’s gone completely quiet. Not even a peep, can be heard. She may have gone silent, but people are still reacting to her major fail, as you will see below.


Alicia Keys was seemingly the appointed “Social Justice Warrior” of the moment, and now she has experienced a massive failure with her Tweet and outraged thousands across the world, if not more, and will continue to do so the more that people see it. Is she the latest pawn in so-called social conditioning experiments? Much like Lindsay Lohan was last month, when she pretended to be a Muslim convert, playing that Muslim job or role for a short time, until her claims were shot down by her father, who said she never converted to Islam.

Seriously, but who does Alicia Keys think she is when she Tweets out such complete and utter jargon?

Islam oppresses women and their rights, to not be fully veiled (plus, much more) and it does seem like there’s a trend of Feminist rights groups colluding with Islamic activists in today’s world. Does this not seem to be a conflict of interest?

Surely, that should be setting off alarm bells with men and women across the world?

We almost used to like Alicia Keys, but not anymore. For how anti-woman could she be, even after she vowed to stop wearing make-up and promote being her natural self in public, but what good is that when she Tweets things like this? Supporting an ideology that oppresses women should be seen as an insult to all women across the world, not vice-versa.

We fully support women’s rights, but we cannot support such moronic posts on her Twitter page. So, what’s next for Alicia Keys? Will she comment or come clean about her motivations? Or will she just let this one pass, as if nothing had happened?


Brainstain, over and out!

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