The Best of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Statue. A total bust!

One of the greatest footballers of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo, who led his national team of Portugal to the 2016 European Championship final and then won it, despite being injured in the final, brought the trophy back home to his homeland. A truly amazing story and so he was set to have the Portuguese Island of Madeira’s Airport named after him, in conjunction with a simultaneous statue being built in his honour, to mark the occasion in true style. Let’s face it, there’s no greater honour than having an airport named after you, plus a statue to commemorate the occasion, as well.

However, the statue was revealed to Ronaldo this week and judging by his facial expression, he was as bemused as everyone was, about the state and appearance of the statue. It looks nothing like him, so let’s go through some of the best Internet Meme reactions to Cristiano Ronaldo’s epic statue, which has truly gone viral by now, even though, sculptor Emanuel Santos has defended his work and he claims that Cristiano Ronaldo was happy with his work. Really? Let’s see some of these magical Internet reactions, then, shall we?

Here’s Ronaldo as Two-Face, a perfect match from ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’

And, if you were ever afraid of ‘IT’, then this should bring back some haunting memories. S.S. Georgie went down the storm drain, but never fear for it’s just Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue in there, you see? Creepy still!

And, next there’s the wondrous homage to Star Wars, as Ronaldo is suspended in time like Han Solo, at the mercy of Jabba The Hutt, frozen and lowered into the ground. Well, at least Ronaldo managed to keep smiling through it all, right?

And, it wouldn’t be complete without seeing Ronaldo storm in on his father, whilst he’s being interviewed LIVE by the BBC, the naughty little winger is seen here in the background, ready to ruin the moment. Classic!

Here we have Ronaldo in his natural element, celebrating after scoring for Real Madrid once again, and you can feel his joy just by looking at his face, can’t you? It’s almost as if he doesn’t quite believe it himself. What a goal!

Yes, in another one of Ronaldo’s famous poses here, shirtless, that smile, the spray tan and just those dreamy eyes. Totally bronzed out! What a player, what a face and everybody still wonders why it took so long for this statue to be unveiled. Maybe, this is why? A lot of work went into patching it up, perhaps? Uncanny, wouldn’t you say? That’s definitely him!

If you’re a football fan, you might remember Niall Quinn, the ex-Arsenal, Manchester City and Sunderland player, who some say looks a lot more like Ronaldo’s statue than he does. We think so too, so who knew that Portugal would stick a statue of Niall Quinn up at the Madeira Airport, like this? Truly a great honour for the Irishman.

Here we have Cristiano Ronaldo’s immediate reaction to the statue, as seen on the left hand side here, there’s a definite disapproval in his facial expression, don’t you think? Hilarious!

Here’s a more identical comparison of perhaps the photo that Emanuel Santos used to create this monstrosity from? It’s like as if you’re seeing Ronaldo whilst tripping on Ketamine or something, right? Maybe, aesthetics isn’t in the sculptors remit, at all? Hmmm?

Well, there you have it! What can Ronaldo do about this statue? We would definitely ask for a re-match or a re-do of this statue, wouldn’t you? Let’s hope the statue will stand somewhere far away in the distance, so nobody can actually see its face.

Which one was you favourite? Let us know in the comments section below. Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: The News International

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