Carnage As Debut Torero Meets His First And Probably Last Bull

Daniel Garcia Navarette’s opening tournament debut in Las Ventas, Madrid, for the barbaric practice of bull fighting, didn’t quite go as planned, after Daniel’s first performance left him fighting for his life in hospital.

The 1,000 lbs Bull gorged Daniel with his horns, going through his throat, face and tongue during the traditional barbaric practice, but it was this time, not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time, that not only the bull that was in the ring, would almost certainly die. Now seemingly, Daniel is in a severe condition and he could very well, die next.

The 10,000 fans were shocked and screams were heard around the arena, as Daniel was dragged and toppled like a rag doll, but none of the crowd ever realised just how fatally he had been caught by the bull, numerous times.

Trained staff rushed in and attempted to free Daniel from the attack, and as they finally got their hands on him. The damage was already done.

Credit: DailyMail

With an 8 inch deep gash to his throat, pierced his neck twice and another two through his jaw, with an added 6 inch deep gash which penetrated the roof of his mouth and the base of his tongue.

Additionally, he severed sciatic nerves, has a fractured collarbone and has extensive muscle damage after being tossed around by the beast.

Surprisingly, he was still alive once removed from the bullring and the surgeons at the Hospital San Francisco of Assisi performed emergency operations right away, but they said his condition was critical to severe.

Friends and family and fans of the sport are now wondering whether Daniel will miraculously survive the incident and judging by these photos, it looks like his chances are slim. We wish him well.

Onlookers described the incident as horrible and many thought that he had died, and this incident comes just some days after another 1,160lbs bull gored another Torero in his backside in Mexico City, and the Torero had to have his anus re-stitched back together.  Ouch!

Credit: DailyMail

Hmmm? Maybe, it’s truly time now that in the year of 2017, that the Spanish practice of killing bulls for entertainment, is stopped, once and for all, but we don’t see any end to the madness, anywhere in sight.

All calls for the banning of bullfighting has fallen on deaf ears in recent times, as it’s a Spanish tradition that they simply won’t give up, well not without a fight anyway, and nobody can make them give up this oldest tradition of torturing and slowly killing a bull, by making it bleed to death for everyone’s enjoyment.

So, we suppose it’s only fair play then, when a Matador or Torero (however, you wish to call it) suddenly dies after being gorged by a bull. It’s all apart of the fun. Nothing else to see here.

Credit: DailyMail

We suppose that’s the appeal of the game, as quite frankly we don’t have any idea of what the appeal to this killing process, really is? Do you? If you care to comment please do leave one in the comment section below.

We’re still stunned that bullfighting exists in 2017. Viva Espana!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: DailyMail

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