The 2Pac News Recap (Documentary, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Memorabilia Auction)

In three days time, Tupac Shakur will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Brooklyn’s Barclay Centre, on April 7th, 2017, by none other than artist, Snoop Dogg. Since Tupac’s reported death on September 7th, 1996, many theories of the unsolved murder have been spinning in a rumour mill for decades, without any certain leads or any official investigations being verified to be true. Yes, even when he will be placed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there seems to be no official log of what really happened to the most influential artist in Hip-Hop and Rap. But, there’s a lot of versions of events being told annually, but seemingly, with so many lies already told and with people unable to sift through truth and fiction, people get tired of listening to all the same fiction.

Tupac, Danny Boy & Suge Knight. Credit: PBS/Twimg

Sure, we’ve heard it all before and now Suge Knight claims that a new documentary called ‘Assassination III: Battle for Compton’, directed by R.J. Bond, yet again, will finally reveal the truth. It feels like deja vu, since R.J. Bond’s last documentary on the same subject, but what has been interesting and more so quite sad, were the recent deaths of Frank Alexander, found dead in 2013, they said suicide (Tupac’s ex-Bodyguard), Michael Moore (ex-Bodyguard) is also now dead and the one investigating Police Detective, Russell Poole, a good cop that dedicated much of his career in finding out the truth, even after leaving the LAPD, but he mysteriously also died of a heart attack in 2015, when he was to unveil critical new evidence on a main suspect in the Tupac murder case, during an official meeting with authorities. Anybody started seeing a pattern here, just yet? Hmmm…

Anyway, let’s look at this new and extended trailer to the film, as the official trailer for ‘Assassination III: Battle for Compton’, was even less interesting, so let’s see this one, shall we? Just to see if we see anything of interest, at all?

Judging by the trailer, there was nothing of interest there whatsoever, nothing new, just more confusion, perhaps? In R.J. Bond’s original ‘Assassination’ documentary in 2007, many claimed that the interviewed subjects were paid to lie, but it’s been ten years since then, so maybe there might be an ounce of new revelations in this third documentary on the same topic. Who knows (somebody does?) At this point, almost (who cares?) because even when the truth is told, many untruths will be regurgitated and then be forced upon all the gullible people out there.

Anyway, what is good news is that Tupac Shakur will be posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in three days time. Meanwhile, Hollywood based news source, TMZ has reported that an unofficial auction will take place at an auction house in Brooklyn on the same day, even though, the auctioneers of some of Tupac’s memorabilia have been threatened with a lawsuit if they indeed, go on and sell any of Tupac’s personal items, such as the following:

‘All Eyez on Me’ tracklist $30K

‘All Eyez on Me II’ tracklist $20k

Nose Stud from the cover of ‘All Eyez on Me’ $7.5k

New York Prisoner Identification Card $10k

Personal Signed Koran $30K

Gold and Diamond Medallion $38k

Famous Dolce and Gabbana Wool Jacket $7.5k

Lyrics for ‘Wonda Why They Call U Bitch’ $15k 

Will you be making a bid on anything in that list, if so, you better get to Brooklyn fast, for April 7th.

A company rep for the auction said that they never tried to reach out to the Tupac Shakur Estate, because they didn’t feel like they needed to, on part of his personal items that are to be sold off in three days time. And, they are now being threatened with legal action.

Now, this ‘Assassination III’ documentary seemingly has the backing of Suge Knight, where it’s claimed that Tupac was not the original target of the hit on the night of September 7th in 1996, in Las Vegas, but rather that he was the main target of the assassination on instruction of his ex-Wife Sharitha Knight and Reggie Wright Junior, the head of Wrightway Security, the security company that handled all securities for the protection of Death Row Record’s artists and management. Obviously, we can rule out Suge Knight being behind it, but some people ran with that theory, which proves that people will believe anything that you tell them, if you tell them, over and over again.

Now, let’s be honest, Tupac was a target of assassination since way back in 1994, where he was almost killed in a staged robbery at Quad Studios in NYC, in 1994. We think we know who worked internally on that one by now, right?

Suge Knight is currently in prison, after seemingly being set-up by Dr. Dre on the set of ‘Straight out of Compton’. He didn’t need to run people over though, or maybe he did? The case continues. Credit: ABCNews

So, we find it hard to believe that only Reggie Wright Junior and Sharitha Knight were involved, as there was clearly a lot more involvement behind the scene’s than just Reggie Wright Junior, anyway, what is clear is that there’s always going to be collusion within any investigations and stories regarding the case or reported truths in the murder of Tupac Shakur. Will we ever know the truth? It doesn’t look like it, but once the truth is found, expect there to be another story claiming to have all the truth, coming up soon after that, so all in all, with people who know all about it, to those that know nothing about it, all this serves up is just more confusion of the real facts at hand. That’s what’s really going on here…

After all, It’s been going on since his passing, so why would it stop now?

Reggie Wright Junior, does definitely know a lot about what happened that night, or does he?

Perhaps, Tupac is just sipping on an orange soda daiquiri, somewhere out on a private island in the tropics, within the compound of Thugs Mansion? Or maybe we should just carry on with our lives, until something newsworthy is actually revealed in this ongoing saga of complete and total mystery.

Maybe, the new biopic film to be released on June 16th, this year, entitled ‘All Eyez On Me’ might have some hidden revelations, but we sincerely doubt it. Still, it will be a great watch!


Brainstain, over and out!

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

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Featured Photo Credit: Vice

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