Heath Ledger Documentary Trailer Released

Heath Ledger passed away on the 22nd of January, 2008, in New York City, when he was at the peak of his career, dying of a drug overdose even before ‘The Dark Knight‘ was released in cinemas. Heath Ledger was said to have died due to the overuse and dependence on various prescription medications, including Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Diazepam, Temazepam, Alprazolam, and Doxylamine. A lethal cocktail if ever used simultaneously, no doubt.  He later picked up the Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ posthumously, for his performance as ‘The Joker’.

The news of his death shook the film world and it was an unexpected turn of events, leaving behind his daughter Matilda who was 2-years-old at the time, whom he had with actress Michelle Williams.  They had recently broken up and 6 months afterwards, Heath Ledger tragically died. Let’s take a look at the newly released film trailer, which will land in cinemas in early May in the U.S.A. and then swiftly onto DVD, a few weeks after that. So far, no details of a European release have been revealed, just yet.


Some conspiracy theorists have come to point the finger at a masseuse, named Diana Wolozin that visited Heath Ledger’s residence on the day of his death and was reportedly the one who discovered his body. Seemingly, Heath had also been secretly dating Mary-Kate Olsen at the time of his death, but some people seem to believe that this masseuse may have had something to do with his passing? What happened that day or the evening before? A suicide seems highly unlikely and at age 28, he was a strong young man and surely not faint of heart.

Who knows? But, the rumour mill has also suggested that perhaps he could’ve been killed in an other way, perhaps by further drugs being used, rather than the known and common fatalities of the misuse of prescription medications.  Was he administered more drugs or was he given more drugs to use? If so, why would somebody want him dead? Or did he simply misjudge various substances in conjunction with each other? This is still not clear. But, what was abundantly more clear after his passing, was just how great of an actor he was and this view is also shared by the many talents that had the pleasure to work with him. Let’s have a look, in remembrance of Heath Ledger.


So, from the masseuse, Diana Wolozin, calling Mary Kate Olsen twice, rather than 911, after seemingly discovering him dead, to claims that insomnia was a causation of all his prescription medication usage, and also to the reported stories of his immersive role as ‘The Joker’, driving him to suicide. However, Heath Ledger’s father has refuted that story, after releasing the notebook that Ledger was using to express himself as the character of “The Joker”, saying that his son had happily finished the role and moved on from it. Now, let’s catch up on some more information from this next video, where it sheds light on some of the inconsistencies surrounding his death. Some conspiracy theorists also claim that Heath Ledger’s death was a form of satanic Illuminati blood sacrifice and that he may have actually been murdered.


Will we ever know the truth? That seems highly unlikely, but it does seem strange that Mary Kate Olsen sought immunity after his death, but it does also seem very strange that a masseuse found him dead, as well.  Anyway, all we’re now left with is a very objective and personal documentary coming out soon, which features tons of footage, filmed by Heath himself, to perhaps shed more light on his personal struggles. We will definitely be tuning in, as it looks like a truly personal insight into the man, himself.


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