Stockholm Terrorist Attack; Truck Ploughs into Pedestrians (Live Updates)

Stockholm, Sweden – the home of too many Muslim migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, has suffered a characteristic vehicular jihad terror attack on Drottninggatan, the most famous shopping street in the whole of the capital, occurring in broad daylight.

There have been reports of shots fired and at least five confirmed dead by truck, so far, after the truck crashed into pedestrians at around 14:50pm, Swedish local time. The truck entered into the pedestrian shopping street of Drottninggatan, where it sped up and ran over pedestrians that were shopping on a Friday afternoon, before crashing into the Ahlens department store, right in the very heart and nucleus of Stockholm City, on Drottninggatan.

Drottninggatan’s aftermath seen here, after the Islamist Terror attack. Credit: BBCNews

People are lying in the streets, at least three dead and now five are said to be dead, and many more are injured, some are covered in blankets and blood can be seen on the street.  Gunshots have been confirmed as being fired off, also gunshots have been confirmed elsewhere in a separate shooting, twenty minutes walk away from Drottninggatan. Swedish Parliament has been evacuated and the city is on high alert for more simultaneous attacks, that could occur.

Drottninggatan from another angle. Credit: Aftonbladet

This is also taking place right next to where seven years ago, a suicide bomber blew himself up during Christmas time on Drottninggatan.

So today, there’s yet another event of Islamic Terrorism, following on from the recent terror attack in London, and this incident comes just two days after the metro pipe bomb in St. Petersburg, Russia, yet another Islamic Terror Attack.

Swedish beer makers Spendrups, have just confirmed that one of their beer trucks was hijacked earlier on in the day, which was the same truck that was used in the terror attack to plough through people and that ultimately crashed into the department store, Ahlens.

This incident in Stockholm is evolving, but this is definitely an Islamic Terror Attack, as was confirmed by Stefan Lofven (picture below), the Socialist Prime Minister, who no doubt played his part in letting in way too many Islamic refugees and Muslim migrants over the past 24 months into Sweden.

The Police said they have made one arrest so far, but a reported gunfire incident has also been reported in the city, which may be related to the terror attack. However, now they are saying that nobody has been arrested in connection to the terror truck attack. Now, we wonder if they will catch the suspect or suspects?

The Stockholm Central metro station has been shut down, followed by the whole metro station system now being closed down and evacuated, amidst fears of further attacks in the capital.

This is not Sweden, but it is and it’s a problem created by socialism and an open border policy. Credit: FrontPageMag

Sweden is a shell of its former self, with the influx of muslim migrants and with Islamic radicalism prevalent due to this open border mentality to all Muslim migrants. What a disaster!

We know that this would never have happened if Sweden would’ve adopted a more conservative and less socialist ideology in the running of their country in the last decades, but even more so recently, in terms of being welcoming of Islamic migrants and refugees.  Of course, as well with the political correctness rhetoric that goes along with a socialist government, this has enabled muslim migrants to claim benefits, spread radicalism and also use the excuse of being racially profiled and thus it has made Sweden into a very weak nation and into an unsafe nation.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven stated that this incident was a terrorist attack. Photo Credit: NDTV

This is horrible news and it really shows the effects of socialism, multiculturalism and these subsequent lax laws on immigration and lack of stringent rules on Islamic & Muslim migration into the Scandinavian country of Sweden. Is it now time for Sweden to finally address these problems and remove migrants and take a tough stance on these non-citizens?

We think so. It is definitely time to be hardline in Sweden and we also feel that a new political party will win in the next election, one that is much harder on Islamic asylum seekers, refugees, criminals and a government that is more hardline on Islamic terror suspects, that reside in their very own “freeloader” communities, that are also an economic strain on the country in many ways.

Add to this the daily rising crime rate due to Muslim migrants and also the numerous rapes, the Islamic Rape Culture which is conducted by Islamists in Sweden, onto Swedish women. Are we seeing a problem with socialism and in welcoming migrants with open arms, just yet?


5 Confirmed dead now. Expected to rise, with injuries and people in hospital.

Swedish Royal Family Releases Statement following Terror Attack, read here.

BBC News claims driver of truck was not arrested. What? No arrests made.

Police hunting the suspect, an image to be released soon of suspect of interest.

Sweden remains in lockdown, amidst terror attack.

Photo of the suspect released. If you are in Stockholm and see a man who looks like this, do not approach them and report to the authorities immediately.

Socialist government of Sweden bring the attack on themselves, even supporting and housing ISIS fighters and Syrian fighters in their homeland, letting them return from war, because of “Socialism” and socialist rhetoric of political correctness.

Showing Sympathy to Palestine and Islam isn’t working well for Sweden


Photo Credit: BBC News

Pray for Sweden, please send help!


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Featured Photo Credit: Aftonbladet

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