10 Reasons Why Brainstain is Superior to Buzzfeed

Ah Buzzfeed, our old enemy, we meet again. The Batman to our Joker and the Superman to our Kryptonite, Buzzfeed is the millennial liberal propaganda publication that posts far left tabloid-esque lists and articles designed to deliberately fuel ignorant and hateful anti-democracy ideologies.

Once upon a time, we thought about joining you, but then common sense and logic, told us otherwise. (cough, cough) Basically, anything that is remotely “White” or “Donald Trump” is considered demonic and devilish by these left wingers, and  within their colluded minds.


From far left nose pierced feminists that spend all their time ranting about the evilness that is ”man-spreading” to militant anti-white racists, social justice warriors, Brexit re-moaners and self-victimized minorities who spend their days fabricating such tantalizing “stories” like how the leader of the free world likes to casually watch Russian call girls engage in golden shower streams onto a bed that was once used by the Obama family, according to a fake dossier constructed by a now ashamed MI6 agent, who later vanished into obscurity, after it was published by none other than? You guessed it, “Buzzfeed”.


Oddly, they are pretty obsessed with the President of the United States, and not in a heathy way, either. Most of their infamous “listicles” involve either Trump or pictures of Cats. How original!

Buzzfeed is everything Brainstain is opposed to and we stand firmly by it, since we’re against Islamic apologetic-ness, multicultural “failing” wonderment, refugee revolutionists and Socialism and their sympathisers.

We’re also against feminist scaremongers and far-far left delusionals’, whom are everywhere, until you see so many of them, that you develop the eye for them and then you can almost feel some sort of  eye sore, coming along.

Buzzfeed pretty much represents everything that is wrong with this modern-day society.  So, with that in mind, here are 10 Reasons Why Brainstain Is Far More Superior to Buzzfeed.

1 – Here at Brainstain, white straight males are not the enemy. In fact, we welcome all, that aren’t deluded. No discrimination here.


2 – In fact, being white is not seen as a villainous trait at all. Now, let’s go to Whoopi for a comment…

Media Giphy

3 – Your far more likely to see strangled Cats then “cute” Cat GIFS here on Brainstain, or even just the clever cats. Since the clever cats clearly don’t get enough credit, these days. Being intelligent, can be a crime, especially at Buzzfeed.


4 – We love lists, but don’t expect to see the 22 Chubbiest Cheeks of All Time or 15 Hedgehogs with Things That Look like Hedgehogs. We are onto you Buzzfeed and your ridiculous click bait material and while we are at it, who the hell cares about bloody chubby cheeks anyway!?


5 – Brainstain understands the difference between satire and reality, and what is real and what belongs in the fictional section, next to the autobiography of Hilary Clinton. In a desperate attempt to ‘get clicks’ BuzzFeed published an entire dossier of unverified claims about Donald Trump. The leaked intelligence report was full of unsubstantiated stories about then President Elect’s supposed behaviour in Russia, detailing a graphic sex act simply labelled as “watersportsgate”. The fact that Buzzfeed blazingly posted the story and openly admitted that its journalists had not “verified or falsified” the claims, and warned that the report actually contained errors, speaks volumes about Buzzfeed’s morals, principles and lack of judgment.


6 – Buzzfeed is on a shameless crusade against President Donald Trump, he could do something as simple as use the toilet and a Buzzfeed listicle will be have been uploaded. 10 Ways in Which Donald Trump Using the Toilet Is Racist And Sexiest.

Media Tenor

7 – Buzzfeed are basically the originators of “Fake News”, which was also seen to be true, within their collusion with CNN, the daddy of all fake news and Buzzfeed is their illegitimate left-wing son. Nice work, you bunch of “fake news” purveyors.

Media Giphy

8 – Never mind LOL, WIN, OMG, CUTE, FAIL or WTF. A more appropriate buzzword for Buzzfeed seems to be CANCER, at least, after a quick google search anyway.

Media Giphy

9 – Buzzfeed’s experienced “journalists” are generally Caucasian, generically processed spec wearing hipsters, who have never come across a person of ethnic origin, let alone an Islamic terrorist in their life, yet are the first to write something like 10 Ways How To Hug A Refugee and demonstrate and display an apparent form of white guilt, because they just so happened to be born white and feel some kind of racial shame and guilt about being born white. Check your white privilege at the door, that’ll be $5, please!


10 – Let’s leave it to the President himself in summary of Buzzfeed and it’s dishonest towards humanity “As far as Buzzfeed, which is a failing pile of garbage… I think they’re going to suffer the consequences. They already are.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves “Mr. President”.


We are not sure if the President of the United States has ever read Brainstain, but if he did, I’m sure he would find a spot for us in his administration, or at the very least, within his marketing and public relations team. So, follow and join us here at Brainstain, the voices of reason in these seriously ‘leftist’ and deluded times.

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Adweek

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