USA, Mexico, And Canada Bid To Host The World Cup In 2026

Yesterday, the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada announced their joint bid to host the World Cup in 2026, in a sign of unity in sport, despite Donald Trump’s justifiable insistence on the border wall between America’s southern border and Mexico.

The U.S.A. could have been selfish in hosting the tournament alone, but instead decided to show unity with its bordering neighbours to make it a three country bid to host the greatest sporting event in all of the world in just 9 years time. Currently, no other nations have put in a competitive bid to counter this joint three country bid.

US Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati during Monday’s announcement about the triple bid, “Especially with what’s going on in the world today, we believe this is a hugely positive signal and symbol of what we can do together in unifying people. Especially in our three countries.”

Once again, football or soccer, which is the sport that is known for bringing people together from all across the world, this will be the first tournament of its kind to be taking place in three countries, should they have a successful bid for the World Cup, which is very much expected and it will go some way to placate those that feel in some way that Donald Trump’s America; is somehow being bullish by building a border wall.  That’s just plain old liberal logic (liberal intolerance) and a bunch of hogwash, since the border wall is only in place to avoid illegal immigration, once it’s built.

Montagliani, President of the Canadian Soccer Association, Gulati, President of the United States Soccer Federation and Decio de Maria of Mexico’s Federation. Credit: DailyMail

US Soccer President Sunil Gulati said that the tournament got a glowing endorsement from Donald Trump, “We have very specifically addressed this with the president. He is fully supportive of the joint bid, encouraged the joint bid, and is especially pleased with the fact Mexico is participating.”

Gulati explained that he’s not had dinner with the president on the subject, but that Donald Trump knows of their intentions and he fully supports it.

However, the 2026 World Cup may be the first tournament, where the competing nations total exceeds 32 countries, which has been the standard format for many decades in the World Cup, so having this spread over three nations could prove to be a logistical nightmare.

We have always believed that with in trying to make the tournament have above 32 nations, to 48 nations, is something which they’re pushing at FIFA in recent months, it would not only damage the quality of the teams present, but it would also tarnish the sacred tournament and it’s fully functioning format.

It does somehow seem like FIFA have become some sort of socialist minded and colluded entity of corruption, by trying to push in a further 16 teams into the greatest tournament of all time. This is a big mistake in our view, as it’s supposed to be the best soccer teams in the world competing, and not about trying to bring in teams that can barely play, let alone be allowed to grace the world’s biggest stage in football (soccer), in such a way.

However, with America, Mexico and Canada with plenty of stadiums across their country, they would be able to accommodate the tournament without building new stadiums, as had been a source of seeming corruption and visibly a dire issue with those two recent World Cup’s in South Africa and Brazil, respectively.  In Brazil, outrage spawned from the cleanse that they did before the tournament and some even saw the amount of deaths of street kids and in the ghettos, as a form of almost “genocide”, all the while, underused stadiums now plague the memory of those tournaments.

Anyway, back to the matter at  hand, Sunil Gulati said about the bid, ”A good signal to the rest of the world is that this can be done without necessarily building infrastructure or venues specifically for one event”.

The sight of the World Cup Final in the USA in 1994. Credit: Mike Powell/ALLSPORT

The US who hosted in the World Cup in 1994, would host most of the games with 60 matches, including all from the Quarter Final stage and onwards.

Mexico who hosted the tournament in 1986, would settle with a deal with Canada, to host 10 games each, but Mexico wants to host the opening match in their 87,000 capacity Azteca Stadium, when it becomes the first nation to host the tournament three times.

Additionally, if they win the bid, all three nations would qualify for the tournament automatically, but the FIFA council has the last say on slots for the 2026 World Cup. But, let’s just hope they don’t make it into a 48 country tournament, but seemingly, FIFA are hell-bent on ruining the old format for a new one, that could even include countries like Mali or Kenya (just imagine that). This isn’t long distance running, this is football (soccer).

These decisions on the new format will be made by FIFA in the year of 2020, but Morocco have expressed an interest in bidding for the 2026 tournament, as well. Gulati said, “We heard something about Morocco, but we don’t know yet.”

Morocco sounds to us, like a disastrous idea and clearly this great spectacle of sport, should be hosted by America, Canada and Mexico, without a shadow of a doubt.

Let’s hope they win the bid as the first three country location for the 2026 World Cup, and we will keep you posted on any further updates here at Brainstain.

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