Transforming Terrorist Trucks in Truck Warfare Hell

A transforming species of synthetic intelligence that are able to metamorphose into Trucks have been waging war on civilisation as we know it. These ‘’Terrorist Trucks’’ dubbed by the media, have left carnage and destruction in their path, leaving casualties behind as human “road kill” already seen in Nice, France, Berlin, Germany and in Stockholm, Sweden, to name a few.

While, the intentions of these degenerate Trucks are still not known, it has raised concerns amongst the Trucking community, stating that they are being marginalized with these “Morphing Trucks” whilst urging that “not all Trucks are evil, just the morphing ones.”

As a result of the recent killings by morphing Trucks, there is a genuine concern and fear amongst people that Trucks could seemingly come alive and kill them without any prior warning, much like in Transformers.

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Regular Trucks are being singled out and facing prejudice due to the actions of morphing Trucks, with some Trucks reportedly too frightened to leave the confines of their garage, due to being attacked by ‘’Truckophobic’’ humans.

Statics have shown that reports of “Truckophobia” have increased exponentially since the recent onslaught in Stockholm, Sweden that left at least four people dead and many more injured.

The attacker in question, a transforming Truck that reportedly originally belonged to a beer company before being radicalized by transforming Trucks, does not represent everyday moderate and peaceful Trucks, according to a spokesperson of the “Truck for Peace’’ community.


Since the Nice terrorist Truck attack in 2016, on the Promenade des Anglais, that killed at least 84 humans, Trucks have now become to be viewed with prejudice.

The December 2016 Berlin attack, in which a truck was deliberately driven into a Christmas market, leaving 12 people dead and 56 others injured, did not help matters either.

This has resulted in an online campaign #NotAllTrucks, which was designed to highlight the increasing “Truckophobia”, that ordinary Trucks are facing due to the actions of a few transforming terrorist Trucks, operated by people who shouldn’t be in Europe in the very first place.

But, most people forget that part, since it’s often hidden by the News, so we had to reach out to a Truck sympathiser for comment,”Trucks are a peaceful and loving vehicles, sure some Trucks are radicalized, but we can’t ban all Trucks for the sake of a few bad Trucks’’ said one Twitter user.

Another online user urged that “now is not the time to be truckophobic. I stand with my Truck brothers and sisters in solidarity. Together we will root out this evil’’, while adding that “the majority of Trucks are peaceful and contribute greatly to our communities’’.

This news comes just some days after somebody in Sweden had suggested the banning of all motor vehicles, altogether. Hmmm?


However, one social media user who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of being labelled as a “Truckophobic” racist, has urged the governments of the world to introduce “extreme vetting” for all Trucks. “Trucks should have some sort of inspection beforehand to make sure they aren’t a radicalized “Islamic” killer truck. I understand its #NotAllTrucks, but it’s best to vet the bad ones that are not conforming to our values’’.

Meanwhile, here at Brainstain our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the casualties in Sweden, but like they say in Sweden, “we must not discriminate against all Trucks”, which is a true by-product of socialism in straight denial.  “We must stand together with all motorized vehicles of peace. Trucks are fundamentally peaceful machines and productive members of society” someone said in the aftermath of the attacks and the rising phenomenon of “Truckophobia”.

Some say open up all the borders and let in all the motorized vehicles and together, let us stand in unity with all the Trucks of the world and make a utopian world of love, peace and gasoline, even whilst we could all be run over at any second. Remember, terrorist Trucks are not “true” Trucks. And, there are obviously no Islamic (Muslim) terrorists in Europe already, right?

I mean, have you seen the Coca Cola Truck? It wouldn’t harm a fly, would it? At least there’s one safe truck, with Christianity written all over it.

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Img

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