Does Vladimir Putin Fear Transsexual Clowns?

All hail Putin! Russian president Vladimir Putin likes to portray himself as a red-blooded tough guy, in fact, he is very much the definition of “manliness’’ in all matters of the sense.

He is masculine, powerful, macho, and courageous; he is basically the Russian “He-man”. He comes across as some kind of emotionless silent assassin, who is more likely to decapitate you then squeeze you with cuddles or affection.


And, to give credit to Putin, his reputation does precede him in many ways. He rode a horse shirtless (very Brokeback Mountain). And, he is so confident in his own strength and public support, that he has journalists and politicians magically vanish into obscurity. No cover up here, honestly.

But, despite his hardened steel like shell, even the Russian Superman has his kryptonite, that weakness being… “Transsexual Clowns”. In a swift move of manhood, Russia has banned pictures depicting President Vladimir Putin, as a “Gay Clown”.


The ”Gay Clown” picture was described on the Russian government’s list of things that constitute “extremism.”

“Item 4071: a picture of a Putin-like person “with eyes and lips made up,” captioned with an implicit anti-gay slur, implying “the supposed nonstandard sexual orientation of the president of the Russian Federation.”

The poster portraying the Russian President as a Transsexual Clown or most noticeably, a Drag Queen became popular in 2013; after Russia passed a law banning propagandizing to children about “nontraditional sexual relations,” and gay rights protesters were beaten and arrested.

The Kremlin tried to downplay Putin’s hypersensitivity and fear of being portrayed as RuPaul’s evil sister by saying he had nothing to do with the decision.


Kremlin press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, argued that Putin was “quite resilient to these vulgarities.”

He added: “Our legislation has, so to say, a certain code defending a citizen’s honour and dignity, including those of the president. Individuals need to be guided by these norms….”

With the upcoming release of the remake of cult classic “IT” which tells the story of an evil psychotic Clown who murders children, we couldn’t help but see the comparison of a deranged serial killer clown to that of a comedic version of Putin as a Transsexual Clown.

Maybe transsexual Putin the clown could audition for a spot on RuPaul’s Drag Race and those Russian hackers could rig the vote for him / her?

But as it stands, it’s really about time there was two real “Men” President’s in the world today, especially after Barack “DO Nothing” Obama. With Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the helm of two super powers, we hope they will get along swimmingly and form the ultimate macho alliance. So, don’t believe the “Fake News” and watch them become close allies, or the very least two heterosexual men secure and comfortable with their own sexuality.


We wish the best with Russia and the U.S.A. relations. Sashay Away!

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Scmp

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