Why Are Some Muslims Offended By Pizza?

Pizza to many is the very essence of life itself, however to some radical and extreme Muslims just the very sight of baked dough with haram meat toppings is enough to send them into a triggered state of “Allahu Akbar”.

Well, if the sight of pork on Pizza causes some Muslims great distress, then the vision of President Donald Trump tucking into a slice of Pizza could potentially start World War 3!

And, people thought that the Syrian airstrikes would lead to global annihilation!


“You’ll go to hell for eating that”

That was the statement made by two Muslim men after they brutally attacked a couple for eating a “blasphemous” ham pizza.

Youness Boussaid and Fatah Bouzid, both 27, approached their victims at a food vendor near Le Mix Bar in Douai, France, and offered them cocaine.

Because illegal drugs are perfectly acceptable in the Quran apparently.

When the two Arab men noticed ham on the couple’s pizza they became violently triggered and offended.

It was as if they had seen a woman’s knee or something. Heaven forbid!

The non-Islamic victim’s had spent the evening drinking dancing, you know, the usual haram activities that could see you going to hell, before approaching a local vendor for an evening snack.

After being accused of eating the ham, which is forbidden in the Islamic religion, the couple suffered a brutal and humiliating ordeal from their attackers.

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The attackers caressed the woman’s blond hair (because sexual harassment is always justified in Islam) before forcing their fingers into her nose, causing her to lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

They then began to beat her male friend before security staff from Le Mix Bar intervened. The attackers escaped the scene but after a police investigation the thugs were found guilty and jailed for six months each.

They were also ordered to pay £1,200 in compensation each. This was not the only incident in which Pizza came face to face with the holy wrath of Mohammed.

In Silkeborg, a 24-year-old woman and her boyfriend were attacked by a group of up to five men “of other ethnic origin” all because, you guessed it, they dared to consume ham pizza.


The attack took place ironically, outside a pizza restaurant in which the young Danish couple were asked if there was pork on their pizza, which they answered yes to.

The Muslim perpetrator took one of her pieces of pizza and threw it on the ground in disgust and anger, which developed into a scuffle, and soon after the perpetrator got help from a group of friends who ganged up on the couple and attacked them with several punches and kicks.

Isn’t cultural enrichment, multicultural diversity and tolerance of other people’s taste in food just “great”?

What’s so offensive about Pizza, anyway? I mean it’s just, well….Pizza. Can’t we just take a trip to Pizza Hut and all get along?

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Here at Brainstain we encourage the consumption of all kinds of Pizza, whatever it’s Halal or not. Now, can I order a 12 inch Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple and a side of Garlic Bread, please?

Story by Michael Lee 

Featured Photo Credit: Mysticpizza

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