Does Drinking Milk Make You A White Supremacist?

Got milk? We hope for your sake, you haven’t. If you are currently reading this and are in the process of pouring milk into your tea, then you are a racist and a probably member of the KKK, too. Shame on you, you racist bigot!


That’s it! I’m putting water on my cornflakes from now on and will just have black coffee instead. Drinking black coffee will show solidarity and support for the black community. Black Lives Matter!

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No, but seriously, if you truly believe that drinking milk makes someone a white supremacist, you need to ask yourself the question, are cows racist too, because they don’t produce chocolate milk?

And, what about mothers’ breast milk? Are babies being conditioned into becoming future “Neo Nazis” by sucking on their mother’s breast?

In the desperate multicultural crusade by millennial’s and the left-wing to try and associate everything remotely white with hatred and disappear, it seems dairy is next on the left narrative of what’s currently racist.

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So, do milkshakes still bring all the boys to the yard? Probably not anymore, as that would not be considered politically correct.

So, how did we get to this milky predicament? An infomercial video by PETA (that’s the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, in case you didn’t happen to be a “vegan hipster”) was posted via Twitter on their official account which claimed that ‘’Milk had long been a symbol used by white supremacists.’’

Oh really? Let me continue drinking my tea as I process and digest this new information. We’re quite sure that this would probably be a befitting topic for Buzzfeed, wouldn’t you say?

According to the video, Milk is a “thinly veiled allegory for racial purity’’. It compared its “racial purity’’ allegory with that of the film “Get Out’’, and no we are not sh*tting you!

“Get Out” if you haven’t seen it, is a film which opens on a simple premise: “An African-American man, Chris, goes home to meet the family of his white girlfriend, Rose.”

Simple premise, right?


But of course, this being liberal Hollywood, there has to be a racial evil white supremacist undertones somewhere, and “Get Out” does not disappoint here. Terror, naturally, ensues.

The earth shattering revelation is that Rose, the white innocent girlfriend is in fact an evil honey trap working with her families’ racist business, luring black men to be imprisoned and body-snatched for the benefit of an older, rich, white clientele.

White people portrayed as the villains, yet again, how original!

So, what is the connection between milk and “Get Out”? Well, it all stems from one particular key scene in which it shows a white woman meticulously sipping milk from a bendy straw. The scene would have gone unnoticed in the movie, but audiences were forced to notice the long, drawn-out frame of the woman taking a sip of her milk.

A white woman drinking milk? Yep, definitely some kind of white nationalist and racial supremacy symbol. It doesn’t matter if you spit or swallow, apparently?

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“There’s something kind of horrific about milk,” said Jordan Peele director of “Get Out”, not a dairy drinker, seemingly. “Think about it! Think about what we’re doing. Milk is kind of gross.”

The PETA video ended with the reverse racial statement that “The white stuff isn’t the right stuff”.

Next we’ll be told that “White Sliced Bread” is racist. Or, what about white potatoes, that’s racist too, right?

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In a world that is trying so hard to make white “villainous”, can we all just drink milk in racial harmony please? Some like it, some don’t, a simple premise that we can all agree on.

Story by Michael Lee 

Featured Photo Credit: Youtube

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