Will Smith Set To Play Genie in Upcoming Live Action Aladdin Movie

So, the day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t weigh in on the recent news of actor Will Smith reportedly being lined up to play the “Genie” in Disney’s live action version of Aladdin, would it? Yes, we are not joking, as Will Smith is being considered for the role by the film’s Director, Guy Richie, since Disney have surely already seen how they cashed in on the live action version of ‘Beauty and The Beast‘, so why not do a live action film of Aladdin, as well? Yes, why not? Good idea, but with Will Smith playing the “Genie”, which was originally voiced by comedic legend Robin Williams in the animation film from Disney in 1992.

How will Will Smith make a good Genie? How could he reciprocate or come even close to the comedic genius that was Robin Williams? That is the question to be asking here and that’s already what many people are asking, such as Screen Junkie News, watch below.

According to Deadline, the production is gearing up to be filmed with a 6 month shooting schedule commencing in the United Kingdom in July and then wrapping filming early next year.

John August adapted the script from the Animation film and the film is being produced by Dan Lin, with Executive Producer Jonathan Einrich aboard, as well.

There were rumours some time ago about how Tim Burton wanted Will Smith to play ‘Dumbo‘ in a film that never materialised. Thank god for that! Will Smith definitely had the ears to play that part, didn’t he? So, why didn’t the film go ahead? Beats us!

After ‘Beauty and The Beast‘ we are now seeing the trend of live action remakes of Disney’s classic animations, which is a great way to merge the whole family into Cinemas, once again. The 1992 classic animation grossed $504 for Disney with even a successful merchandising line to boot, with toys and a princess line inspired by Princess Jasmine.

But, is Will Smith really suited to play the “Genie”, the larger than life character that pops out of the magic lamp when rubbed and grants Aladdin three wishes? Let’s now look at some classic Robin Williams as the “Genie”, shall we?

How about that Jack Nicholson impression, eh? Reminding us all to play it smooth, right there. Good advice!

Will Smith who is fresh off some terrible films in recent years, is surely struggling to grasp onto a film that will be a hit, after such failures as these films, ‘After Earth‘, ‘Suicide Squad‘, ‘Focus‘ and ‘Collateral Beauty‘, but with ‘Bad Boys 4’ on the way, this might see him redeem himself, once again.

We aren’t huge Will Smith fans here and we are struggling to see Will as the “Genie” but then again, there’s no ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air‘ film on the horizon and Will’s been looking for that one great role, so perhaps Will Smith can do this?

We could probably think of countless other actors that would make a better “Genie”, but we are now all for this train wreck of an idea, just so that we can continue to see Will Smith failing, over and over again. Just promise us that there will never be a ‘Men in Black‘ Part IV, alright?


Brainstain, over and out!

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