Cockroaches Love the Playstation 4, Too

Yes, you read that correctly. No, cockroaches are probably not staying up late at night to play on your PS4 game console while you sleep (whilst eating all your Doritos too), but if you don’t give your PS4 a regular interior check up, they could be. The findings of a repair shop in Portland, Oregon, (TronicsFix) suggests that the interior of a PS4 is the perfectly favoured warm and cozy place for cockroaches to move into, which is why so many consoles that are usually turned in for repair tend to have nasty little critters harboured within the console itself.

Cockroaches are attracted to the heat, and crawl in through the vents of the PS4. Tech fixers have found this to be the case, especially with the oldest model of PS4 and even on the new slimline PS4, as well.

So, lets say if you live in an apartment in New York City, and you know that the roaches usually pop up anywhere like in the kitchen. They’re usually the size of a small rat, or even smaller, so you’d be wise to double-check that your PS4 doesn’t have any illegal tenants squatting inside it. We’re familiar with New York City, that’s where we once honed their skills to become the most vicious cockroach killer, the world has ever seen.

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Clearly in Portland, the home of the Uber Hippie, cleanliness might not be high up on the list of priorities and thus TronicsFix have gone candid and explained that they are now also part-time “pest exterminators” thanks to the rising amount of cockroach infested PS4’s coming to their repair shop. Keep it clean Portland, keep it clean.

If you have a cockroach problem, then surely you would discover them before you let them move into the warm and cozy surroundings of the interior PS4, right? Or are people just so dim that they let the problem get bigger before they act on it? Like, “I think I need to exterminate the cockroaches now that they’re living inside my PS4. If they weren’t in there I wouldn’t mind.” Is this how these people are really thinking?

Have we uncovered the fact that cockroaches like to live inside PS4’s, or is the real issue here that a general percentage of the population don’t mind living neck deep in cockroaches? If so, there are some people who clearly don’t mind if their Playstation short circuits, either.

The cockroaches live and breed in there (not to mention crap all over the place too), causing damage in the interior electronics. Go figure! The good news however is that they eventually crawl over the wrong spot on the motherboard and “ZAP!” you’ve got a dead roach inside your Playstation, but that will also cause your PS4 to malfunction over time.

Steve Porter of TronicsFix says he encounters PS4 cockroach infestation problems on a daily basis, estimating that 40% of repairs are due to cockroaches. Damn! It seems like there’s a lot of cockroach infestations in Portland, eh? Some say it’s the new “Hippy” capital of the world, so presumably people are living with cockroaches in perfect harmony and unison.

Steve Porter stated the following about the PS4’s coming in for repair: “We also get some from rental companies that rent them out down in the South, so there’s more cockroaches down there”

Clearly, if this has unearthed anything, it would be that people aren’t being very clean in Portland. If you’re in New York City, you may very well be at risk of roaches in your PS4 seeing as they are seemingly everywhere in apartment blocks nowadays.

Steve Porter says he’s also found them inside XBox One’s and the PS4 Slim, but the original Playstation 4 is the favoured haunt of roaches when it comes to gaming consoles. Seems as though yet again the PS4 is beating the Xbox One, and this time it’s in the roach resident stakes.

Credit: DailyMail

The vents of the console are large, and the cockroaches are attracted to the heat it gives off, and if you situate your console on the floor, it’s a direct entry for the roaches. Mr. Porter explained you can also see cockroach poop inside the PS4’s too, and the reason they get so many cases is that when a customer sends it to Sony, they will immediately send it back to you, because let’s face it, it’s not their fault that you have roaches inside the dirty place that you call home now, is it?

Steve Porter said that the best way to know if your console is infested, is to watch them crawling in and out of the air vents. No shit, really?!

Once cockroaches have moved in, it will cause your Playstation to break. At XCubicle in New York City, another repair shop, they say they get about one case a week of a roach infested Playstation 4.

Now before anyone says that this is a design flaw, perhaps people should make sure that their residence isn’t harbouring cockroaches instead of blaming Sony and their PS4’s. Truly in our opinion, a brilliant console for the visceral gaming experience, with VR still to come into mainstream popularity, as well, some day.

When XCubicle staff encounter a roach problem, they place the PS4 in a bag and spray a roach killing spray inside it and seal the bag. A couple of days later, they review the PS4 for more roaches and if they’re still alive. Then they will take a super powerful blower to target the crevices of the device, blowing away all the cockroaches from your precious PS4 console.

My word, it’s like “Rocket Science”, isn’t it? We do like our Playstation 4’s here at Brainstain, and luckily we have never ever heard of or even encountered such problems. Keep your place clean people, and then this should just be some interesting and fun niche news for you today.

Brainstain, over and out!

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