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So, this past Sunday saw the deciding votes in the French Election of who would progress into the 2nd and final round, and as expected Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron got the majority of the votes. Mainstream media finally reported the exact percentage of votes, sometime after the results were already in or did they? Let’s remember the estimated polls under the U.S.A. election and we get the sense that Marine Le Pen is on the rise.

Emmanuel Macron is officially a Socialist Leftist and not a Centrist at all (as they keep calling him on mainstream news media) from the “En Marche” party, where he supposedly got 24% of the vote and the former leader of the National Front (who just stepped down as leader of that party) Marine Le Pen, got 21.3% of the vote; both beating off competition from Francois Fillon and Jean-Luc Melenchon, respectively.

However, on the news, when the voting closed at around 20:00pm, mainstream news media said that they had already confirmed that Emmanuel Macron had won, even before all votes were seemingly counted. Perhaps, they knew how the poll estimates would turn out or did they? How could they confirm the result before all the votes had even been counted, before being revealed on the news? Could the %’s have been a little off in the primary reveal?

Here’s E. Macron, but how many strings can you see behind his back? We can see at least four or five “Puppet Strings” attached here. Credit: DailyMail

Either way, both candidates’ are through to the final deciding date of May 7th, 2107, when the next French President will be revealed to the world. So, with keeping that in mind we thought we would delve deeper and expose some interesting and little known bits of information about the two candidates, starting with Emmanuel Macron. “Come we go!”

Emmanuel Macron, 39, is a young, ex-Invetsment Banker (wanker) who worked in the same Left Wing-Uber Socialist political establishment party,  that has already brought you the disaster of Francoise Hollande’s past five years, which brought you Islamic Jihad and countless terrorist attacks to the shores and streets of France. Yes, the very same establishment party that saw lax laws on border controls that ensured that ISIS operatives shot and killed everyone in that rock concert hall in Paris in 2015, the same establishment party that brought you the Nice terrorist truck attack in 2016, the same party that this past week saw another Islamic Jihadist, kill one police officer and injure two more with an AK-47 on a typical Thursday night in the former city of romance, Paris. Nowadays, Paris is a terrorist hotspot and you can congratulate Francois Hollande and his left-wing party for destroying the nation along with the pro-Islamic immigration rules of the EU.  Anyone feeling like visiting Paris right now, for a spot of romance? No, we didn’t think so and who could blame us? Here you can discover a list of all the recent terrorist attacks from 2012 and onwards in France, please scroll down to the 21st Century.

During debates between the candidates on Thursday night last week, when the news of the shooting on the world-famous Champs Elysees just broke, Emmanuel Macron said that this is something that everyone should just get used to. Hmmm, what on earth did he just say? Those were his comments on the news that yet another Jihadist had shot and killed police officers on Paris’s most famous street. How does that make ever him the rightful next President of France? Think about it. (Think more now)

He is a very inexperienced and overall, a meek candidate, and he’s not a Centrist, he’s a Socialist and he’s totally Left-Wing, despite the lies on mainstream media, repeatedly calling him a Centrist, it does not make him one, ever! Not even in the land of make-believe, does that apply. If you need any confirmation of this, please see his Wikipedia profile here, with very close ties to the Socialist Party, even working in that party from 2006 to 2009. He is not a Centrist by any means, don’t be fooled by the mainstream news.

Credit: Twitter

With Emmanuel Macron, what you have is a controlled Establishment Puppet, with so many strings attached, that voting for him will continue the destruction of France as a nation, with or without the EU, until it prays “Five Times A Day” and the “Burka” becomes the national symbol of “Freedom”.

Is this the puppet-globalist man, that’s so incredibly weak on borders, on Islam and on Islamic Terror, that any of the French public will actually go out and vote for on May 7th? In fact, Emmanuel Macron has yet to address the problem of Islamic terror in France, during his campaign even. Amazing!

But wait, just yesterday, some more damning and slightly sickening news of Emmanuel Macron came to the surface.  Are you ready for it? It’s some news which shows just how controlled and weak he is as a man and as a presidential candidate. He’s a fake and a phony, even better, he is an ACTOR and that’s what many people would define him as, because that’s what he is.

Macron aged 15, kissing his Drama teacher and now his wife, Brigitte Trogeux, 25 years his senior. Credit: DailyMail

Yes, this photo shows Brigitte Trogeux, his then Drama teacher, 25 years older than the 15-year old Macron, kissing him after his onstage performance in a high school play. Talk about robbing the cradle! You would never guess, Macron married her when he was 17, and she was 42-years old. That’s almost pedophilia, everyone! We wonder who has controlled his life all along? Here’s a man who cannot think for himself, he’s an Actor, let us make our point crystal clear with yet another photo, down below.

Emmanuel Macron on stage, (as scarecrow) acting at 15 years old. Would you want to vote for an actor? Credit: DailyMail

As you can see, Emmanuel Macron is an actor, like he was on stage before he married Brigitte Trogneux, who is still with him and she’s now 64-years old.  She purely picked him out of her school of students, some would say a bit young, but clearly Macron needs his coddling and basically he needed to be under mind control from a very young age. Amazing! They are still together today, with their 25 year age gap, not even batting anyone’s eyelids, until now, that is when you see this almost incestuous and almost beyond the legal age limit of a how a relationship goes, can be seen with Trogneux having an affair with one of her school students, that would later become her husband, at age 17.  Yes, this is all true and surely you begin to wonder about this presidential candidate and his independent credentials to become President of France, don’t you?

Today, here’s Macron and his wife, Ms Trogeux, 64, what an interesting partnership? Credit: DailyMail

Now, Macron wants to carry on the work of Francoise Hollande, which has seen France become a disaster zone with Islamic Jihad Attacks at every corner, with loose borders and with simply being a pawn to Europe’s steady decline. Sure, Macron is all for the EU, open borders and for further terrorist attacks, as if nobody would decipher this catastrophe that’s hidden in plain sight for the French public to un-puzzle. Now, the news is trying to say that France desperately needs the EU, but that’s hardly the case, as we can see with Theresa May in the United Kingdom, steadily taking the nation forwards with Brexit and being able to negotiate its nations own deals in the very near future. The United Kingdom is set to prosper, but how about France if they vote Macron?

Maybe, they should be given the option of “FREXIT” something which Le Pen promises to hold a referendum on, so that the French may still choose, whether to stay or abandon the EU.

Back to Emmanuel Macron, who is an Establishment Puppet, catering to the evil entity that is the EU in Brussels, for purely globalist purposes and to the decay of the French people and to the country of France, as a whole. In your right mind, nobody in France would vote for him, but also do remember that the mainstream media is the Establishment, so of course, they will call him a Centrist, Barack Obama will even come out and back him soon publicly, and we all know about Socialism and World Destruction by now, don’t we?

Le Pen is (France’s Hope), seen here bringing in the victory of the 2nd Round qualification. Credit: DailyMail

Just look at Barack Obama’s two terms with “Hillary at the Helm”, a disaster, look at Germany with a 50% crime surge in 2016 due to Islamic Migrants, then you could also look at Sweden, another Socialist led nation that’s now suffering from it’s intake of Islamic Migrants, so how long do you think people will believe in this sham of Globalism and Socialism and the EU?

We are asking you France, “how long do you think people will believe in this sham of Globalism and Socialism and the EU, with Islamic terror at every bend and every turn?”

How dumb do you think people really are by trying to brainwash the masses on mainstream media to vote for Macron, calling him a centrist? This man is almost just short of a total communist candidate, with his ties to the EU so tight, that they basically want to call him, their own son. How stupid are the French public? Only the election votes on May 7th will be able tell us.

On the contrary, there is the former leader of the NF (National Front) Marine Le Pen, 48, a French lawyer and politician, who just stepped down from the party to fully focus on her Presidential Campaign, the youngest daughter of Jean Marie-Le Pen. Here there’s no stories of “Mind Control” like with Emmanuel Macron, here’s a strong-willed woman with firm policies on the decay of France under Establishment run political parties, bringing it all to the forefront of modern-day politics with a tough stance on borders, Islam, Islamic Migrants, Illegal Islamic Refugees, Islamic Terror Attacks and even Radical Islamic Mosque’s in France. So, what’s not to like? Did we mention that she’s coming out of four decades of a new generation, from a very political family indeed, and she’s not far-right, but she’s definitely right, amongst all the problems currently faced by France as a country today. She’s been politically active since 1986, but she’s become even more active since 2002-2011 with the National Front.  France needs her now and this is something that people in France will see, when given the choice between her or the High School Stage Actor, Emmanuel Macron.

Marine Le Pen is France’s last hope. Vive La France! Credit: BritainFirst

She’s got a plan and strong policies to ensure the safety and prosperity of the nation of France and it’s people and that’s more than we could ever say for the PUPPET strings attached to Emmanuel Macron, a shell of a man, not a man, a little boy, so here’s a woman so strong that it would even make Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel pee in their pants and shake in their old furry slippers!

Yes, in this day and age of EU’s and Hillary’s and Obama’s destruction of the Middle East in recent years, countries like France, Germany and Sweden have become literal war zones under SOCIALIST RULE, with Islamic Migrant problems a daily crime, in all the nations.  Facts!

Disgraced former Presidential Right Wing candidate Francoise Fillon, who suffered due to playing and fiddling around with funds to pay for his own wife, came out and said that his voters should vote for Emmanuel Macron, and we wonder how much he was given by the EU, to come out and say that? Hmmmm? People won’t be deterred and many will vote for Marine Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen is the vote of logic and she’s offering the French people a referendum on whether France wishes to stay or leave the EU, at this critical time in history, something which France should take very seriously. They could follow in the footsteps of America and the United Kingdom, if they vote and elect Marine Le Pen, so that the three big nations could assimilate with Vladimir Putin of Russia and form strong alliances that haven’t been seen since the late eighties and early nineties.  With the U.S.A., the U.K. and France with Le Pen as president and with Russia, world safety will be ensured, whilst in years to come we can see and marvel at the fall of the EU, however not before more Islamic Terror Attacks will happen, so France should vote to be an Independent nation under Marine Le Pen. Emmanuel Macron is an establishment socialist pawn, while Le Pen is what France needs right now.

Vive Le Bleu! Vive La France! Vote Marine Le Pen.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: CNN

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