The Reappearance of Kim Kardashian’s Big Behind

It may not be the most interesting news out there, but surely it’s a concern or at the very least, a completely debatable subject. Last week, we wrote a piece about the ‘Mystery of Kim Kardashian’s Caboose‘, go ahead, take a look at the photos right there. So, obviously many were surprised to see her tinier behind and she confirmed she had lost 6lbs of weight due to the flu, and we thought that surely she had an ass implant removed, however, she must’ve seen our article, because this week, the big behind is back, seen days earlier, bathing in Mexico. Do revert back to the ‘Mystery of Kim’s Caboose‘ at anytime, in case you think you needed to get your eyes checked. Unbelievable! How does she do it?

Some say Photoshop, whilst some are just stunned and just can’t understand it, at all. How does it go from big, to small, to big again? Is she really photoshopped? Is she photoshopped before or after, the big behind is even back? Does she wear ass-huggers, like a waist trainer, on her backside? How did she fit into those pants last week? Or are these photos from Mexico, just old one’s?

Kim Kardashian seen on the right side? Credit: DailyMail

There’s a whole lot of behind on display from Mexico here, which beggars belief after last week’s skinny behind snaps, so Kim Kardashian’s behind is becoming the stuff of “Urban Legend” or even full-blown “Conspiracy Theory” by now, is it not?

On the weekend Kim Kardashian lambasted her critics who noticed her shape-shifting ways in the ass department, calling it “Fat Shaming” and she also said, “Take that, haters!” <Insert middle finger Kimoji>

We were only observing Kim, calm down. So, seemingly her big behind has come back in just a matter of days, after people on the Internet had called her out for looking completely different in certain photos. Seemingly, she can instruct the Paparazzi to photoshop her behind, but not in this publicity stunt, since she obviously wanted the world to know her real behind. “Good, all the power to you, Kim!”

Here she is on an earlier dip in the ocean in Mexico. Credit: DailyMail

So, seemingly Kim Kardashian wants people to know that her ass is very real, but you’d be mistaken or confused by now, as to which images were really Photoshopped, wouldn’t you?

It’s not there one minute, then a couple of days later, low and behold “Would Kim’s Real Ass Please Stand Up” and there it is, just in time.

We don’t think we will cover Kim’s ass anymore, because there’s just too much to cover in this on-going mystery of whether it’s real or not? Which part of it was photoshopped and when? It’s endless to contemplate such a mystery and this will surely go into the pop culture folklore of the year of 2017, judging by how much reaction and attention to her shape-shifting behind has ultimately garnered on social media. So, we could never keep covering such a vast and never-ending mystery. So, we will just leave it at that. Go on wit’ ya’ bad-self, Kim!


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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