Rihanna Channels The Queen in Her Latest Instagram Posts

Barbadian recording artist Rihanna (aka BadGirlRiRi) on Instagram, had posted some interesting photos on her account over the weekend, with Queen Elisabeth the II’s head cropped onto her body in four outrageous snaps in various fashionable and cutting edge outfits.  Some would call it out as being totally in “bad taste”, considering the Queen celebrated her 91st birthday on Friday April 21st, whilst others might see the “funny side”of Rihanna’s latest Instagram content, so let’s take a look, shall we? We’ve never seen the Queen quite like this before, have we? (choking on our tea).

Credit: badgirlriri

Interesting caption from Rihanna too. There you can see that the Queen opted for a bright green color on her recent night out on the town, presumably on her way to dance the night away in some top nightclub, somewhere. Here’s one of the many Instagram comments: kaikai_bawse_man ‘Dis don’t look sa bad.’

Indeed, so onto the next one now and we really do wonder what the Queen thought about these, if she has really seen them?

Credit: badgirlriri

  • badgalriri y’all chickens is ash and I’m lotion. 😂

The Queen wearing a red heart-shaped coat and with sunglasses at night, ready to party once again. Here was one of the recent Instagram comments: mjcandisayftw ‘Elizabeth…dope af!’ Which translates to “dope as f*ck”, in case you didn’t know. We never thought we would hear that phrase ever associated with Queen Elisabeth, but why not? There you go. Next!

Credit: BadGirlRiRi


Yes, there’s the Queen wearing the very Italian brand Gucci, lounging out, just killing time it seems, looking very befitting with a crown, as always. After all, she’s the Queen. Here’s one of the Instagram comments: musclethongkisser ‘So disrespectful. Riri wanna be royalty but will always be talantless fool’

Credit: BadGirlRiri

There we have the Queen with the Bodega (corner store) chique look, holding a 40 oz of Malt Liquor, as you’d expect from her Majesty, wouldn’t you? This isn’t photoshopped or is it? Here’s one of the Instagram comments: musclethongkisser ‘Fuck you rhianna you disrespectful garbage celebrity’.

And, now to finish off with another classic image of the Queen, courtesy of Rihanna, here goes….

Credit: BadGirlRiRi

And yes, it’s Christian Dior this time, epic shades and regality exuding from the image, perhaps, Rihanna wants to state that she is the Queen of something, but we are still trying to find out what? Queen of Autotune, Queen of the Charts or just Queen of what exactly? Here’s one Instagram comment: eva_n_20 ‘It’s very mean, maybe you’ll fight with your peers’.

Anyway, let’s hope that the Queen doesn’t have Rihanna killed by the secret service for these rather tasteless photoshopped images. But, you’d expect the Queen to take it all with a good laugh, perhaps Rihanna was just inspired by the Queen’s birthday and wanted to share it with her 52.6 million followers on Instagram.

However, given the backlash from her posts on IG, some people truly hated the posts and were clearly very offended, whilst others took it in good humour. But, how did the Queen take it? That’s the big question here, but she’s probably not bothered or is she?

Or could Rihanna’s numbers come up one day, as a result? We don’t think so, even though, she probably shouldn’t have posted these on the Queen’s birthday weekend, though?


“Haters will say it’s photoshop”

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Featured Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

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