Chelsea Handler Can’t Stop Uploading Half Naked Photos

Here at Brainstain, we’re quite tolerant of all and everyone, with added logic and common sense, but every once in a while we see something that oversteps the mark and then we must call it out. For example, much like if something was to overstep the safety handle bars on a roller coaster ride (before you go flying off the rails and bash your head in) thus we bring you Chelsea Handler (shudder). Seemingly, not content just being a late night casual chat show host, that cries over Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss, that promised she would leave America if Donald Trump won the election, but yet is still there. Plus, what’s worse is that she just can’t seem to spare us her partially nude photos from her Snapchat and social media posts, that she effervescently throws out there, without thinking. “Oh dear, is this meant to put us off our morning coffee?”

Well, it already has! However, her desperate calls for attention onto her rear end, is supposedly draped in her desperate attempts to be humorous (or is it a need for validation) on her behind, so without further ado, we bring you this picture from her Snapchat, because if she’s going to ruin our day, she might as well ruin yours, as well. Warning, please stare at your own risk.

Credit: DailyMail

This captioned Snapchat photo saying “Morning” is enough for you to question the mental stability of the once popular chat show host, mooning the camera through the mirror of her walk-in closet, really leaves a lot to be desired.

Chelsea Handler who doesn’t stop going on about her once upon a time fling with 50 Cent, but she’s also always calling out the Kardashian’s about their social media posts, that are usually showing off their posterior’s, so now Chelsea does the same, under the guise of this somehow being a funny intertwined correlation of her ass to theirs, in the world of social media.

But, the difference is that we still think it’s a desperate call for attention from her inner insecure girl from within, don’t you? So, we now have to stare at her pale ass in the morning, because you know, she claims it’s because of the Kardashian’s, but clearly this is more about her need for validation and in trying to feel sexy, or is it?

Sure, all the power to you, but did she ever think that this isn’t what anyone wants to see and perhaps she should respect herself, just a little more? At 42, being sexy is her given right, (this is not sexy) but you wouldn’t expect someone at that age to be posting this sort of ass content on the Internet for the whole world to see.

That sort of thing would be more aligned with young Instagram models and glamour girls that are gunning for more likes and follows, by the use of their rear end, definitely not from Chelsea Handler of all people.  The only funny thing about this is the embarrassment we feel for Chelsea when she uploads these pics into the social media atmosphere, much like those wannabe Instagram girls, however, she’s doing it under the guise of it being a joke, plus we’ve seen much more flattering butt pics, already this past week.

So, she achieves her goal in looking like the “moron” that she well and truly is nowadays, seemingly with no shame, whatsoever. You’d be forgiven for thinking that these pictures came courtesy of 4Chan’s “Fappening”, but no, this is coming from Chelsea Handler herself, “sharing is caring, right?” When all the while this picture might be better suited for her significant other (as if, there really is one at this point) we guess not!

So, these images weren’t hacked from her iCloud, but it’s Chelsea’s will to share such posey pics, however, she must be the only one that gets the joke, because we certainly don’t.

Credit: DailyMail

Here’s another photo, seemingly dedicated to Reese Witherspoon, from Chelsea’s Instagram account.  We’d give her a better rating in this photo, for managing to cover herself up, so well though.

What’s evidently clear is that this Instagram surge of young women wanting to share half-naked photos on social media, has extended to Chelsea’s psyche in a big way, making you wonder if there’s something truly missing upstairs in the “Handler” department?

Let’s continue to monitor Chelsea’s Instagram and Snapchat posts from now on, for another suspected celebrity meltdown, in expectation of what’s really coming next?

If you dare follow her on Snapchat, you might get any of these two things, an ass as pale as the white moon in the morning, or a late night post-wine tear assembly of the liberal loss of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in tandem. So, there’s always that to look forward to, should you follow her on her Snapchat.

Wait a minute! Isn’t she a little too old for using Snapchat in the first place? This woman knows no limits and she’s been accused on social media of posting nudes of herself, because she’s just as vain and attention seeking, and insecure as the Kardashian celebrities that she berates for posting the same sort of thing.

So, when you think your life is bad or going off the rails, think about people like Chelsea Handler, whom exemplifies the term of having a “screw loose” better than anybody else that’s currently out there at the moment, apart from Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and Shia LaBeouf, to name a few, of course.

Chelsea Handler is staking her claim for the most desperate quasi-celebrity out there on the scene right now. “Hey Chelsea, please do send us your next partially nude photo via email and we will deem it fit for consumption or not, okay? We’re only here to help”.

Now, saving the best for last, let’s marvel at this teenager in a grown woman’s body, with her liberal Unicorn tears in reaction to Donald J. Trump becoming President. Ah, and now you know it was worth reading this, when we finish off with this right here below.

The joyous moments of seeing these clueless safe space celebrities crying over Trump winning the election is still hilarious to us and it always will be! Chelsea Handler should just post photos of herself crying instead, don’t you think?


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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