A Modern Thor of Norway? No Way!

The case of Anders Breivik, the mass murderer of 77 people in Norway says so much about European culture, and not the narrative that the killer wants you to hear either. What will be examined instead is the culture of listlessness, post-modernism, and moral degradation that created Mr. Breivik in the first place. In short, he wasn’t rebelling against this current tide of meaningless depravity in Europe, he is the end result of it.

At a glance the three-volume manifesto he released before doing his heinous act that he carried out on the 22nd of July, 2011, seemed rather lucid. Court appointed psychoanalysis has shown mixed results. At first he was deemed insane, then the story changed after further opinions were sought. I wonder if the doctors were starting to look at themselves and their society and saw this monster as the expected product of it.

Anders Breivik, the man who believed he was the hero his country needed. (Photo Credit: The Independent)

Apparently this “knight” who tasked himself with the heavy responsibility of defending Christian Europe spent a lot of his time playing Call of Duty and scouting out how to kill people at a youth summer camp. Ok. Not exactly Green Beret material. Come to think of it, how was he able to shoot that many people without getting rushed?! Either the bystanders cowered and hid while he picked off innocent kids, or they were unable to reach a firearm in time. This is not surprising given Norway’s extremely restrictive gun laws that almost guarantee that only people like Breivik would carry such lethal firearms. Norwegians are forced to buy safes for their guns, locks for their ammo, and nothing is permitted to be loaded even with the trigger safety on and storage unit locked. Besides, most guns that would’ve taken him out quickly are illegal there anyways.

Upon hearing of this horrible crime in 2011, I thought, “oh man this guy is going to get it.” I wished for him to feel pain and punishment on par with the worst things permissible in modern criminal justice. Imagine my surprise.

Mr. Breivik has been housed in the most extreme solitary lock-down Norway has to offer. Only 10 inmates in the recent history of Norway have been subjected to these conditions. Namely, the mass murderer has a study, a gym, and an Xbox in his “cell”. He has also been denied candy. Reports of his “inhumane” treatment have been very specific in pointing that out. Oh, and he complains that his coffee is cold.  What are common criminals in Norway subjected to? A weekend at EuroDisney?!

This is what a Norwegian prison cell looks like. No, seriously!
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

So, this self-styled white knight of the West here to save everyone from the Islamic hordes and, as he states, “unite white Europeans under the hammer of Thor”, has been pretty busy. Though not by doing prison reps and getting swoll as one might assume. No. He’s taken to protesting his mistreatment by staying in his room all day and playing Xbox. Perhaps this phenomenon is more calculated than I thought, given the tendency of narcissistic man-children to do the very same thing. And here I am, thinking this was just a pastime of lazy entitled lumps of flesh waiting on Mom to bring them more Hot Pockets.

The EU Court for Human Rights has heard his valiant protest, none the less, and has awarded his lawyer a compensatory package for his pain and suffering. Wow. That’s right, the prison conditions plainly laid out were judged by the EU to be an abridgment of his basic human rights. These are conditions that anyone on the south side of Chicago, inner city Baltimore, or isolated Appalachia would gush over in their “free” life, let alone their incarcerated life.

Breivik, thinking he was the warrior of the West sent by Thor to stave off the Islamic State, instead became the poster boy for the European “vacuum of values” that Pope Francis has been admonishing against this whole time.

Even though Norway isn’t apart of the EU, it is closely associated with the Union through its membership in the European Economic Area (EEA) and in the context of being a European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member, so Breivik’s stance on the reasons for his horrible massacre reverts back to the socialist left’s overhaul of EU countries into open border countries “welcoming all refugees and migrants”, making them ripe for the Islamic counter culture that doesn’t fit into the European culture of where they now reside. The effects of this can now be seen in Sweden, Germany and even Norway, who also blindly admitted unruly migrants into their nation, due to socialism and the EU, with now major crime surges on the rise, due to letting in too many migrants and refugees, respectively.

And, all we now wonder is if he still plays Call of Duty and if his coffee will some day be warm again?

Photo Credit: rock, paper, shotgun

<Story by Bjorn Vader>

Featured Photo Credit: Newsweek

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