Our Reaction to the Finale of Big Little Lies (Season 1)

Last week, we wrote about our following of the first six episodes of the Mini TV Drama Series Big Little Lies and in case you didn’t read it, here it is for your consumption again. Yes, the stage was set for the final episode, Episode 7, finishing off the series on an Odd Number and with a very Odd Ending and an extremely Odd Resolution, to say the very least. Is it similar to the BOOK, we don’t know? But, as far as adaptations go, surely there would’ve been the freedom to deviate from such a lame ending, right?

Our article last week was mostly a positive overview of the TV Mini series thus far, laying in wait for the season finale, but after watching the final episode on Monday night, we had to let this ridiculous ending simmer for a few days. Yes, in what was surely the “mother of all crap endings” for a sometimes’ engaging TV series, because we chose to oversee the lacklustre sub-plot of the suspected 1st grade school bully, named “Ziggy” and his mother Jane Chapman’s (Shailene Woodley) horrible ordeal of a hard-handed lay, that produced her child by some mystery man 9 months later, that she didn’t even know who it was, throughout the whole series, finally culminated in the final episode and all we can say is just, “Meh”.

Celeste and Perry all dressed up in Black. Credit: EW.com

Alexander Skarsgard played “Perry”, Celeste’s (Nicole Kidman) husband in the series, and in the final episode their physical and toxic relationship is coming to a head, with Celeste being caught out by Perry on the eve of a charity fundraiser party that everyone attends, after he finds out that she has rented an apartment down by the shore, in order to finally leave him, after all the physical and mental abuse had finally sealed his fate. But, what happens next in the finale, really goes someway to show just how the writers seemingly needed to quickly try to make the whole series make sense in any way that they could, by bringing season 1 to an abrupt end.

Yeah, you know when you’re writing something half-sh*tty and you have no clue “WTF” you’re actually doing or going to do as you weigh up all your plot points and upcoming twists, in order to wrap up the story to a nice and comfortable ending. This is definitely what happened here presumably with the writers of Big Little Lies’ climax, or shall we say, “Anti-Climax”. Definitely the latter applies here.

Whilst, Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) and Ed’s relationship is on the rocks as they go to the party, because Ed can sense her having had that affair with that Drama Director, this sees her having a mini-breakdown towards the end of the party, away from the crowds as she’s comforted by Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodley).

Simultaneously, Celeste and Perry arrive at the party arguing in the car, when Perry says he will finally change and he begs for her not to leave him, but Celeste remains defiant and she reveals that the “bully” at school was in fact one of their twin boys, with the abusive gene seemingly being passed from father to son (parental alarm bells ring loudly).  What a reveal or not? So, what happens at that party to see this once amusing series come to an abrupt end on the final episode of the season?

Let us tell you. Well, Perry who was one of the best things about the series, is visibly stressed and afraid that his wife will finally leave him, so he downs some liquor drinks and Celeste is well and truly done with him, as she calls the babysitter and asks her to drive the twins to her new apartment. Meanwhile, Ed catches onto the fact that Madeline is not herself, as she tries to hide the palpable affair that’s all out in the air now, prompting her to run down some stairs to a lower landing with Jane coming to comfort her in the end.

When Perry tries to talk to Celeste she refuses and also runs away down to the lower landing area, away from the party crowd and she sees Madeline and Jane there, so there’s a trio of concerned women finding comfort with each other, with a view over the horizon in the evening moonlight. But, Perry later sees them down there and he approaches the three women, and he then asks to speak to his wife alone, or for her to come home with him. Celeste says that she won’t and Perry becomes increasingly angry, as Madeline and Jane step in to back her up. Meanwhile, at the top of the grass overlooking the impending incident stands Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) witnessing everything that’s about to unfold.

Reese and Shailene here, nearing the anti-climax stage. Credit: Vulture

Perry starts assaulting his wife in front of the other women and it is then that Jane realises that the abusive sex with that stranger that gave her “Ziggy”, was in fact Perry all along and somehow by “osmosis” or “psychic thought transfer”, all the three women realize this all at once, since they know of Jane’s story and the birth of her son, without word, they all suddenly know that the mystery man was Perry, he’s the father, right…

So then, Perry starts assaulting all the three women simultaneously, he has a physical go on his wife, on Jane and also on Madeline, all at once, in a free for all that turns violent, extremely quickly. Something like the Royal Rumble but with real violence on these women, not pretend wrestlers from the WWE, this time.

So, whilst Perry is beating up three women in a public place, just out of the blue for no good reason, once Perry re-finds his footing and most of the women are strung out on the concrete floor, in runs Bonnie from afar, in full swing with a gigantic push which sends Perry flying down a set of concrete stairs, tumbling down to an eventual head crack and blood seeps out into a pool of blood, right before them.

Say what?! Perry is the one who dies after trying to fight women? Bonnie is the one that pushed him. LAME!

Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) singing a song in the final episode, right before that push. Credit: VanityFair

And, so this was the murder or death that we had wondered about throughout the whole series. They killed off the one character and his story of his relationship with Celeste, which was pivotal to making the series of any interest at all, and now with Season 2 in conversation to take place, we wonder what in the hell the next season will be about, after this rather unbelievable and unrealistic ending to what we had hoped to be a good Mini TV Drama series. But, no such luck, as they clearly ruined it, here!

So, what followed next for the outro, after that “Anti-Climax”? Well, police sirens, then cue the piano music of course, and all the ladies are down on the beach together, now all best friends with the children running around, smiling and laughing as the waves come rolling into Monterrey’s shoreline, like some sort of advert for female sanitary towels and how they make everyone feel so light, joyous and free at once, and plus all men beat up women, you know? That type of thing or vibe, you see? So, “Oki-Doki”, then? That wrapped up Season 1 apparently and just in time, right?

Sisters on the beach now and all issues forgotten, what an ending?! Credit: DailyMail

So, in Season 2, all the women will presumably protect “Hippy Social Justice Warrior” Bonnie, in shielding her for the blame of pushing Perry down a concrete flight of stairs to his bloody death. Girl Power! Then what? Do they form a witches coven of some kind? Only Season 2 will tell, but clearly it seems like Big Little Lies could use some new and talented writers for the next season, even if they are adapting from a novel, could they still have made it less ludicrous in the end, one wonders?

We invite the producers to contact us personally for a more realistic resolve next time and how about not having the only interesting sideline story of Celeste and Perry’s relationship, coming to an end with the death of Perry in Season 1? After all, Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard’s performances were what kept us coming back for more. That and Reese Witherspoon’s uptight nature, whilst getting her sexual release, whilst playing away from home.

In the form of any realistic resolve, it’s unbelievable that a man, however fictional he may be, that he would physically fight three or four women in a public place like that, just because his wife said that she didn’t wish to leave that party with him. Seriously, FFS! What was all that about?

A very lame and disappointing ending to what was almost a tolerable TV series, despite some weak sub-plots that we had hoped would only play second fiddle to a more grown up ending, but clearly it seemed like the writers wrote those weak sub-plots into somewhat of a mess and then they had to speedily resolve everything in that final episode with such a childish ending.  You start to really wonder who actually wrote that ridiculous bunch of garbage that wrapped up the final episode of Season 1, as whoever did, must be living in the land of total “make-believe” and with no life experience in the real world.  We could’ve written a better ending with our eyes closed, but then again, we are not familiar with the novel on which it is based upon.

So, it has been now confirmed by Reese Witherspoon that talks are now on for Season 2, so Big Little Lies why not invite us on-board for a slice of reality next time in the writing process, hmm?


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

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