Assessing the Theories Of Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance 10 Years On

Today is May 3rd, 2017, which marks the ten year anniversary of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance and sadly the Police and the Investigations have brought zero credible solutions, as to the mystery of her vanishing. All that’s left are theories and no solid evidence.

The Portuguese Police have been blamed, then the Leicestershire Police blamed the Portuguese Police, then later the parents, Kate and Gerry McCann were under investigation and were even blamed by the Portuguese Police, at one point in time.  The Metropolitan Police have also naturally been involved, but ten years on, still to no avail, Gerry and Kate have still not given up hope and they have said that they will continue to engage in further investigations in the hope that one day their child will come home.

Madeleine Beth McCann, 3-years-old at the time, went missing from a rented basement apartment in Praia Da Luz, in the Algarve region of Portugal on May 3rd 2007, when her parents Kate and Gerry McCann had left her in the lower ground apartment, whilst they attended a dinner. They also left their two twins in there for the evening. Kate McCann had put the kids to bed at 20:30pm and was said to have gone back to check on them, every thirty minutes, whilst they ate dinner at a nearby restaurant. But, when Kate went back to check on them at 22:00pm, Madeleine was gone, she had vanished.

Since then, there have been some official theories in the case, so let’s bring you the common theories as to what some people believed to have happened to Madeleine McCann, and then we will leave a probability rating for each published theory, as at this stage it might even help to eliminate some of these theories from being investigated.


Some say it was a Burglary Gone Wrong, some people really want to run with the theory that a thief entered the basement apartment to steal things, but then discovered that there were children inside and Madeleine McCann was awoken by the noise and came face to face with the burglar who in a moment of panic, picked up the child and ran off with her. Probability Rating: 2/10

Abduction by a Lone Paedophile is a broad and loose theory that Madeleine McCann was selected for abduction by a paedophile and abducted into obscurity somewhere, but where? And, how exactly? You mean to tell us there would be no trail or sightings of her, with just one person trying to abduct her? Yet, this theory was apparently bolstered when it was discovered that two years before Madeleine’s disappearance, a 10-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a paedophile in Praia Da Luz, along with reports of other young children being assaulted by intruders in holiday homes in the Algarve, previously. But, all known sex offenders and paedophiles in the area, had already been investigated extensively, with no results and with no connection to Madeleine McCann’s disappearance ever being found. Probability Rating: 3/10

Human Trafficking is another theory which presumes that Madeleine McCann was spotted by human traffickers on the beach and was selected for being trafficked. In 2007, private detectives claimed they had evidence for human trafficking spotters being active in the area, prior to Madeleine’s disappearance. The theory is that Madeleine was abducted then held for two days in the Algarve before being shipped to nearby Morocco, “hidden and handed over to a child trafficker two days after she went missing and taken to Morocco”, said the Daily Mirror. Some people believe that with a human trafficking ring, this was the most logical reason as to why Madeleine would disappear without a trace. Probability Rating: 4/10

The Parents were investigated and blamed by senior detective Goncalo Amaral, who believed that Madeleine died in the holiday apartment and her parents covered up her death and disposed of her body. However, after being investigated for 15 months, which included a time where a sniffer dog was set upon a trail of blood that the dog reacted to in a rental car, which was hired by the McCann’s three weeks before her disappearance, as investigations came to be closed months later without any concrete evidence, and the parents have always maintained their innocence. But, was the whole going to dinner thing, apart of the scam as the Portuguese police initially thought as a perfect cover for their child to ultimately go missing? It seems unlikely that two doctors would rather let their child die, than raise the alarm to save her. Probability Rating: 1/10

By Accident which definitely sounds like the most ridiculous theory yet, which states that Madeleine McCann woke up to find her parents not at home, so she went looking for her parents and opened and unlocked the patio doors of the apartment, then fell into a roadworks pit, where she later dies and was knocked out. Later, she wasn’t spotted the next day in the hole and the hole was covered up, the next morning. So, according to that theory Madeleine’s body would be under the road, near the flat in Praia Del Luz still. The other scenario, suggests she woke up and went searching for her parents but was hit by a car on the way, and the driver picked up her body and put it in the car and disposed of it. As if nobody would hear the bang of this accident? Probability Rating: 0/10

Abducted by Childless Couple is another theory that states that a couple unable to have children saw an opportunity in abducting Madeleine and then took it. This is the preferred theory of the McCann’s because it would signal that she is still alive today and at 3-years-old she might have been manageable to raise as their own. Probability Rating: 3/10

Now, that we’ve covered some of the theories that are out there, we will cover another theory that’s out there, that we believe to be the most credible theory out there with a touch of our own beliefs on the subject. Everyone else is investigating it, so why can’t we?

The chilling E-Sketches of two suspects of interest, yet, never found. Look like anyone, that somebody knows? Credit: MetPolice

She was Abducted by an Elite Pedophile Ring on holiday in the Algarve at the time, around May 3rd in 2007, and we are talking more or less about the types of people who are seemingly considered “above the law”. We are talking about people that have a thirst for children with presumable Satanic ties. So above the law in fact, that not even Police or Private investigators would ever be able to challenge them if pointed out as suspects, because of their elite and high up connections in the world, including in the media, press and in the political realm. We presume that it was at least three people present when they set out to snatch Madeleine McCann from the apartment in an opportunistic abduction, with one driver waiting outside, another man on standby and on look out outside the basement apartment, whilst the third suspect went inside the basement flat through the window or an unlocked door, and then grabbed her, covering her mouth and meeting the two suspects, and then carrying her into the awaiting car and driving off to another holiday home in the area. What happened next, only god knows? However, some might find this to be unrealistic, but this theory would align with the current reality of no clues, no evidence and a full ten years of no real leads and no evidence of her current existence. Vanished without a trace.  Some even believe that when investigations have led them to these known suspects, Police and Investigators will have had to deviate from being on the correct trail of finally finding Madeleine or at least the right suspects in the case. Now, if she was taken to another holiday home in the area, where there are several hundreds of apartments and villas to comfortably hide her in, with at least three people being involved and present, they could take their time and decide what was best to do in the circumstances. Probability Rating: 9/10

Additionally, there were reports on the beach of Praia Da Luz, that British locals were approached days before Madeleine’s disappearance by  men asking for donations for an orphanage, that did not even exist after research of its existence (orphanage in a nearby town) was conducted. So, who were these men and why would they be asking for donations for an orphanage that did not exist? Were they simply making a cover for themselves as part of a sick game in their heads, before abducting Madeleine McCann, playing up to the locals as “do-gooders” for orphaned children? This could be probable and yet it sounds very bizarre, but whoever did this, are very sick people indeed and it was probably seen as a fun game for them, in effect playing with the locals ahead of their planned abduction.

So, what have we learned? Not much, but those are some of the theories and we very much believe in the last one provided, but tonight you can watch Searching for Madeleine McCann on Sky News at 20:00pm (GMT) and see whether we all become any wiser, as to what happened in the Madeleine McCann mystery, that seemingly never ends. it is unlikely that she is alive, however, if she was abducted by an elite paedophile ring, some believe that she may still be alive today, but has been living under a new identity. Who knows? Will we ever know? All this remains to be solved after ten years on the anniversary of her disappearance.


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Featured Photo Credit: The Bolton News

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