Early Eurovision Song Contest Prediction: France Set To Get 10 Points from Germany

“L’Allemagne donne dix points a la France.” (APPLAUSE!!!)

Well, what a weekend. A weekend that would literally decide the future of France. Now after Emmanuel Macron, 39, was elected last night to the cheers of sheep nation-wide, it’s now well and truly the time for the people of France to strap on their seat belts, because it’s sure to be a bumpy ride, whilst all the Islamic Jihadists already based in France, will probably strap on explosives and or be seen driving trucks down the sidewalks, given the result of the fake centrist candidate winning the election. Some French people blindly wanted to celebrate this victory of this ongoing and impending catastrophe in what Le Pen called a “continuation”. And, that they did, apparently clueless to the decay of the nation and of its culture.  But, they are set to do well in the Eurovision song contest now for the first time in years, so there’s that to look forward to for France, with at least ten points coming from Angela Merkel and Germany.

Lest we forget, on Saturday, the day before the election, there was the revelation of the ♯MacronLeaks on the Internet, which detailed in official En Marche emails, Macron’s plans along with the EU for the further Islamisation of the French school system and France as whole, there was also evidence of major collusion with Saudi Arabia, plus Bitcoin purchases of illegal substances for intended partying for the “BOSS”, plus Macron being on the email list of a gay website, but how does that matter when he’s married to a 64-year-old lady, Brigitte Trogneux, who’s almost the mother that he seemingly never had, apart from Angela Merkel, of course.

Credit: MerkelsLapdog

Yes, Emmanuel Macron met his drama school teacher wife, whilst active in the school theatre, a true pupil and teacher relationship, and surely he’s been groomed from a very young age. Additionally, embarrassingly for him, when he was to give his acceptance speech live, the cameras cut to him before he was ready, whilst he was still given make-up touch ups, and he was heard saying “un, deux, trois” in a mic test, rehearsing his lines for everyone to see, like the High School stage actor that he really is. Well done to the people of France (facepalm), watch it here. That’s your new Teleprompt President.

Credit: DailyMail

So, the people of France have surrendered to the special interests of Saudi Arabia and Germany (once again), and it makes you wonder whether Emmanuel Macron is really Angela Merkel’s and Jean-Claude Juncker’s illegitimate son. Yes, a vote for Macron was a vote for the continuation of the destruction of the French culture with the backing of the EU and the worldwide Socialist shadow government, from now on quite literally dipping their baguette’s in Hummus for generations to come and making a total mess of it. Halal, indeed.

C’est La Vie, there will be no Brie, because they have sealed their fate by being herded as a flock of sheep into the evils of globalisation under total socialist rule, whilst brainwashing the public via the mass media, which was so evident by the weekend’s media “blackout” on not reporting on the ♯MacronLeaks and threatening people with jail time in France for doing so. Ignorance is bliss for sheep, before they are led into the “Slaughterhouse”.  Also, there’s the massively known notion that Emmanuel Macron was given double ballots in envelopes, so that Ex-Pat’s of France could vote for him not once, but twice, and this also went down inside France, when voters went to the polling stations. Hmmmm? Watch!

However, what comes as some new and even more interesting information today is that the new French President Emmanuel Macron, may actually be replacing French singer Alma in the Eurovision song contest and then sing the German national anthem in a last-minute switch over as their new Eurovision entry. But, if these rumours are to be believed, it may be more likely that Alma will still sing for France, but there are questions over Germany’s singer Levina, since Emmanuel Macron may now even step in and represent Germany in Kiev himself, singing aloud for the Germans with her song “Perfect Life”.

Credit: CelebMix

This latest breaking news is yet to be fully confirmed, but take a look at the contestants here and Germany’s artist Levina,  with the song “Perfect Life”, may in fact be replaced by Emmanuel Macron who will sing it in her place. Why you ask? Well, nothing makes Angela Merkel more happy than to keep seeing Emmanuel Macron singing for her.

Cue Test, “Un, Deux, Troix, Mademoiselle Merkel, are you ready for me to sing for you?”

So, will he now step up to take the reins for the Germans at the Eurovision song contest? Clearly he is qualified, given his experience on stage and in the performing arts and Angela Merkel is reportedly pushing for this to go through. Das is gut, ja!

Yes, this would make Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel very proud, indeed, seeing their son sing in the ultimate camp fest of all of Europe, who knows if France will also give “DIX POINTS” back to Germany? We suspect they will, (wink, wink).

You can watch the Eurovision semi-finals on Tuesday May 9 and Thursday May 11, before the grand final on Saturday May 13. “Oh joy, we cannot miss this! Will Emmanuel Macron make it into the Final again?

How will everyone react to when Emmanuel Macron comes out on stage with a German and a Saudi Arabian flag before belting out the song “Perfect Life” or even singing for France with “Requiem”, when replacing Alma, or will he now just sing Germany’s national anthem or even an Arabic prayer? That is now the question still on everyone’s lips this Monday afternoon. We will keep you posted, as always. We can’t wait to hear his singing voice though, either way.

Now is the time to put those bets on those ten points from Germany going to France in the Eurovision song contest, “Oui oui, Ja ja!”

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Bon Voyage to France and Vive La Sharia  & L’Allemagne

Brainstain, over and out!

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