BBC Newsnight Closes Show With Left Wing Poetic Rant

There we were the other night, about to fall asleep on the sofa, when all of a sudden the BBC program Newsnight was coming to an end of its current affairs segment, and what did we see and hear next? Well, we heard a Neo-liberal left-wing political rant from some sort of poet named, Kate Tempest, 31, who performed a cringeworthy poetry rant to play out the finale of the show. We reacted the same way as many Brits would, since we were in the same time zone and feeling British, all we thought was “F-OFF!” as we heard this nasty left-wing diatribe from the losing left side, with this very unappealing poet from the (Boy with Long Hair) and her horrible poetry, entitled, “Tunnel Vision”, until we “MUTED” her with our remote control with great pleasure.

However, luckily we weren’t the only people who saw this garish performance, which would be enough for most people to slit their wrists and just spray blood all over the living room, so let’s now see what BBC broadcast to close out Newsnight, shall we? Warning: You May Feel Sick and Angry and you could possibly Vomit, so we’re just giving you fair warning ahead of time, okay?

Luckily, we weren’t the only one’s feeling dizzy, sick and just plain shocked by this Left Wing political rant about nothing, because now we can cue the many reactions to Kate Tempest’s poetry on Newsnight, via Twitter. Thank the lord for the Twittersphere, when it can call out absolute “BS” like this! This means that there are still a few sane people out there, like us, but obviously there’s also plenty of Left Wing, Pro-Sharia Law, Refugee Loving-Lesbian Feminists out there with colored hair, and who praise the Communist Fascists (most of BBC Audience) as well. So, she’s obviously one of them and the surprising thing is that the BBC have come to stoop to such low levels of intelligence, presumably catering to their left-wing audience with their thirst for “FAKE NEWS” with complete and utter sh*t like this on their network. Anyone, remember when the BBC was neutral and was a good news network? Enough already! Time for some Twitter reactions, post haste!

Credit: Twitter

She did seem like a failed white rapper with no charisma for success there, and we really do know rappers so……She was horrible, like a South London Female Eminem delusionary wannabe leftie on a manly Feminist rant of sorts, it seemed, because we couldn’t listen to all of it, or we’d have blood pouring from our ears, literally.

Credit: Twitter

We couldn’t agree more and what made the BBC air such disgusting content to play out their show? This we will never know…..

Credit: Twitter

Very true! Not even your cat or dog could withstand the nonsense coming out her mouth! <ugh, shudder>

Credit: Twitter

We also just hit the mute button and thought of what a left-wing liberal “sh*thouse” the BBC has truly become!

Credit: Twitter

Apparently, we were not the only one’s that did just that! Bless, there’s still non-sheep related people out there in the world, so thank the lord for that!

Credit: Twitter

An embarrassment is an understatement to say the very least, this was the most cringeworthy piece of garbage we’d ever seen on television, apart from Emmanuel Macron’s recent address on climate change, whilst Jihadists lurk around every bend in the country of France!

Credit: Twitter

Yes, this pudgy poet from South London got chin-checked after her diatribe and rightly so!

Credit: Twitter

We were caught thinking “FFS Newsnight, WTF is this sh*te?! Is this what people are paying the TV license for? To hear the poetry of somebody who clearly knows nothing?

Seemingly it was and the BBC has delved deeper into the realms of Neo-Liberal Fascism, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Kate Tempest was a paid protestor for Antifa in the day time, right? Keep your day job or just keel over and die, perhaps? If this cow ever gets a deal or a record deal, we may just have to take to the streets in massive protest! So, when did the BBC become a left-wing propaganda news network?


Well, way before Brexit, at least!

Brainstain, over and out!

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  1. She really is fucking awful – emperor’s new clothes methinks

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