6 Ways in Which Harley Quinn Is Absolutely Not a Feminist

Harley Quinn, our favourite pigtailed homicidal maniac has become somewhat of a reluctant feminist icon since her big screen debut in Suicide Squad played by intensely sexualized Margot Robbie. We use the word reluctant as Harley’s emotional dependency on the Joker has always been the opposite of feminism.

I mean relying on a man for emotional support, acceptance and reinsurance? Perish the thought!

Her relationship with the Joker is a feminist’s nightmare. Incredibly dysfunctional and mentally and physically abusive yet she continues to be absolutely mad about him, like, quite literally, MAD! In the early stages of their blossoming relationship, the former psychiatrist fell for her mentally deranged patient and changed who she was to please the man she was falling for, often putting her entire existence in danger just to prove her warped love and devotion for him.


She lost her self-worth and individuality, morphing into a demented version of what he wanted her to be.

Not very Sasha Fierce independent women is it?

I mean if Tinder was a thing in Gotham City she’d be catfishing Joker from dusk till dawn. She is incredibly jealous and possessive of her man. Without him, she is nothing. Wait; hold on, strong independent feminists aren’t supposed to be so emotionally reliant on men right? So why in the hell do feminists still try to claim that Harley is one of their own!?

Well, let us dig deep into the twisted and unhinged mind of Harley Quinn and dissect why she is definitely, positively, absolutely and undeniably NOT a feminist! Here are 6 Ways in Which Harley Quinn Is Absolutely Not a Feminist and why she probably would be found reading Brainstain in her prison cell then strangely engrossed in top 10 multi-coloured unicorn lists in Buzzfeed.

1 – Puddin!?

Well, first and foremost, most feminists stereotypically are fat, out of shape clinical obese slobs with obscene pink hair. While the latter may be true with Harley when it comes to her outrageous hair colour one thing is for certain, Harley is not part of the Fat acceptance movement. Can you imagine a Harley Quinn suffering from obesity and health problems? No, just NO! Harley Quinn is a superb gymnast who can land, stretch, performs marvellous feats of acrobatics and uses her feminine assists to her advantage. Yes, she may say ‘puddin’ a lot but overweight feminists, this is not the kind of pudding you are wishfully longing for! At this rate Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show has more characteristic of a feminist then our Harley.


2 – Why So Serious?

If you are one of those easily offended feminizes that gets easily “trigged’’ at the sight of a man in a suit let alone a man in a bat suit, then I’m afraid Harley Quinn is not the heroine feminist you wish her to be. Harley loves men, especially her “Mistah J’’ in his trademark purple suit. In fact the ladies seem to love a man in a purple suit, remember that Vicky Vale scene from the 1989 in the Tim Burton Batman film? But as much as she loves her men, Harley also knows how to have fun. One of Harley’s defining and most loveable personality traits is a sense of humour that is to die for, quite literally in most cases, she will laugh in the face of death. So quit complaining that Donald Trump light-heartedly said in a private exchange of banter that he would “grab a pussy”. It’s a joke, like ‘ha ha ha ha ha’ … get it!?

90s Cartoons

3 – “We’re bad guys. It’s what we do.”

Harley is adorably evil and is probably a little bit of a misanthrope, meaning that she hates humankind and the very fabric of society (expect for her Mistah J of course). Social justice warrior she is not, I mean can you imagine Harley as a bleeding heart liberal? Weeping with wallowing heartstrings each time she caught a glimpse of a charity commercial starring the likes of Angelina Jolie, pleading the public to donate £5 by texting “Save Syrians?” To have the cold-blooded and diabolical mind of a psychopath predator like our Harley means despising every single moving and breathing creature on the planet, sorry, but poor and unassuming migrants will not garner any sympathy from Harley; however they probably would receive a baseball bat to the head if they tried any perverted funny business! You know what these ultra horny migrant men are like!


4 – “Aw, c’mon Puddin don’tcha wanna rev up ya Harley? VROOOM VROOM!”

Feminists like to portray themselves as strong, independent and career minded women who don’t need no man to occupy their time (you go sista!) But you see, the thing with Harley is she is more ‘’stand by your man’’ then ‘’independent women’’. Harley Quinn needs the Joker; she needs him in a way that feminists crave penis. You know you try to front and pretend you don’t want it, but you just can’t help yourself, well that pretty much sums up their mentally unstable yet dangerously addictive relationship. In her own words Harley accepts that the domestic pain is part of the appeal of being in a relationship with a manic clown “You think after living with Mistah J I’d be used to a little pain”. He wears the trousers and he controls her every move, in hindsight she is merely his puppet on a string. So sorry Beyoncé but we won’t need your generic female encouragement lyrics today thanks.


5 – First Lady Harley?

Harley would absolutely love Donald Trump; in fact, she would probably end up marrying him and wouldn’t mind if he grabbed her ‘’pussy’’ (to be fair it would be consensual if they were in a relationship). If it wasn’t for the fact she is utterly  and insanely obsessed with her Mistah J, she would be all over Trump as fast as you can say ‘Melania Trump who!?’. Harley loves a man in power, and no man is more powerful than the leader of the free world, hell, even Angela Merkel tried her best to woo him, and failed miserably! The oval office in the White House is sure a far cry from the damp padded cells of Arkham Asylum that’s for sure.

We Heart It

6 – “Harley Quinn pleased to meetcha!”

You won’t be seeing Harley sectioned in gender-neutral catalogues like feminist half muggle Emma Watson. Through you are more likely to see her sectioned in the local psychiatric ward. There are some similarities when it comes to Harley and Feminists however, and that is their complete and utter annoyance, vexation, irritation, temper, rage and downright fury with society. Feminists are always angry with the world, and while Harley is a little more chilled out with her hatred and despair then the average feminazi at an anti Milo Yiannopoulos rally, she’ll still decapitate you if you look at her vagina in the wrong way.

Media Giphy

Ultimately Harley symbolises everything feminists fight relentlessly against, that being inequality. For you see, Harley in her deepest heart just wants to be a regular stay at home mum and housewife in curlers. Looking after the kids while her green-haired hubby heads off to work. She wants to have dinner ready for her Mistah J when he comes through the door after a long day at the office. And to be honest, is that really such a bad thing? Feminists fight so hard against tradition yet if love came their way they would be the first to swap the angry literate signpost for an apron and sponge in the kitchen.


In the words of Harley herself “Martha Stewart, eat yer heart out!”.

Harley may be disturbed, insane, unbalanced and quite frankly stark raving mad but one thing she most definitely won’t be doing is voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the UK general election. So just maybe she’s not that psychopathic as people make her out to be?

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit – Screen Rant

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