How To Determine If Somebody Is A Neo-Liberal Fascist

Now it’s been an interesting time for politics in the last 18 months and this saw the landslide win from President Donald J. Trump in the USA elections, plus the British public voting to leave the European Union, but unfortunately France chose to overlook Jihadi Terrorism and elected Emmanuel Macron, whose main goal seems to be climate change. What a hoot of sh*t that is, but anyway, “au revoir” to France as the globalist shadow government of the world get back to one of their favourite past times of the fake scams on climate change, whilst ignoring the real problems at hand. Former president Obama recently said that we should cut down on eating steaks because cows fart a lot, whilst he visits on an all boy’s holiday to Necker Island aboard a private jet. So, no steaks says Obama…

But, with this logical and conservative shift in the political landscape in the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom, it has also seen the rise of the Neo-Liberal Fascists, disguising themselves as anti-Fascists via the fake mass news media’s brainwashing, whilst being the real fascists in all of reality. Yes, seemingly years of liberal indoctrination in the school systems of many high school’s and college campuses, has birthed a bunch of oversensitive and violent groups that cannot tolerate an opposing opinion. These are the Neo-Liberal Fascists and we thought we would save everyone time and hassle, by detailing the tell-tale signs of who might just be one of these vermin that’s trying to destroy mankind, as we know it.

You know that place which was once a respected University, called UC Berkeley, yes the home of Antifa and the place that’s vying to be the Communist capital of the world, has made a lot of noise recently. If someone you know goes to UC Berkeley, you can bet your a*s that they’re most probably a neo liberal fascist, using violence because they are brainwashed by the mass media and they think they can assault people without consequence. Not so!


There you have it! Not a very nice image, but this is UC Berkeley where violence is apart of the curriculum, where head teachers are marxists and ply liberal indoctrination on the youth and anyone who doesn’t agree with it, is what? You guessed it, a “racist”. Where have we heard that before? Who are we kidding, this is the liberal logic for Neo Liberal Fascist’s that they continually use incorrectly in order to perpetuate their own violence against innocent people.

Credit: Youtube

Up above is the scene of the bike lock in a sock attack by Eric Michael Clanton, a professor at Diablo Valley College in San Francisco, attacking an innocent by-stander, by breaking his cranium with a bike lock. Of course, he works as an Antifa thug when he’s not poisoning the minds of America’s youth in college. We suggest life in prison for him. How about that?

Anyway, enough of the violent images and let’s focus on some stereotypes as this might be a little more down the lines of light entertainment. Here are some tell tale signs to look out for to determine if somebody is quite possibly a violent Neo Liberal Fascist, before you clash with them over cultural appropriation or over politics, or over political correctness or over the topic of illegal refugees and muslim rape gangs, so since you don’t need those sort of people in your life, we’re giving you this apprehensive guide, in order to avoid that sort of drama in your life to begin with.

If they persistently follow Buzzfeed, you can be sure that they hate white people and are a by-product of neoliberal fascism, because as Buzzfeed says, “f*ck white people” right? So, if they Buzzfeed themselves, run for the hills. They’re misinformed!


How about their undivided love for Barack Obama who did nothing in 8 years, but basically gave 1 billion away to Iran on an airport run way, plus also praised Fidel Castro, but to Neo Liberals he is the patron saint for all that is wholesome in this world, we suppose they don’t understand the devastation of socialism, because they’re too busy loving unicorns.

Yes, whilst they claim to be peaceful, yet react violently when a difference of opinion is expressed, they usually need to find the comfort of their favourite spirit animal in order conduct their annoying social justice warrior antics, so here’s their animal, and they may attack with their Unicorn horn. “Uh oh, so you better watch out!”

Now a lot of these people have piercings through all over their orifices and usually tattoo themselves with ridiculous designs, some tribal (no cultural appropriation on tattoos, apparently) and have ear spacers and probably work as bicycle couriers, selling pot on the side and or work as Baristas in San Francisco and Portland, when they’re not donning masks and beating people up in the streets, whilst being paid by George Soros, so here’s a typical stereotypical image of what somebody like that, might look like.


A little bit exaggerated but who’s counting? If anybody looks like this, they may have a hard time finding work, so guess what? You can always join Antifa and be a Neo Liberal Fascist. Or be on the look out for something like this too. This is the look they will give you before trying to claw at your throat for not voting for Saudi Arabia’s Special Interest Warrior, Hillary Clinton. But, you know be liberal and stuff, duh!

Additionally, in the land of make believe Hermione Grainger was quite the icon, and that’s who these Neo Liberal Facsists grew up on, so if they’re a Feminsist follower of Emma Watson, you can be sure that they’re a Neo Liberal Fascist!


Now to wrap it up nicely we bring you the faces of Neo-Liberal Fascists and social justice warriors in one image, look at all those well dressed and contributing members of society. We rest our case!


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Der Trutzgauer Bote

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