How to Trigger All the Deluded Liberals in One Sweep

So, here at Brainstain we experience immense joy on the daily because that’s what we do, we spread joy and logic, we walk with a strut because we know plenty that you do not fathom, and that’s a pretty good feeling, after all. Sheep go to the Abbatoirs, Tigers go hunting and cut the air from your throat! So whilst, we may slap on some Rage Against the Machine from time to time, we won’t pick up the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and we won’t dye our hair purple and say that Obama was the greatest President of all time, if you want that kind of thing then do Buzzfeed, which is just a click away….

So, since we are feeling quite inspired today, we’ve decided to try and trigger all the deluded liberals in just one article, from both sides of the pond, without discrimination (since we don’t do that), but if you feel like your waiting for yours, it’s most definitely on its way. And, we will use lots of meme’s so it will be easy on the eye. So, shall we begin?

Do you remember January 20th of 2017, well it was the day that……

Credit: Eddie.Ik

Do you know that city called San Francisco, where there’s Facebook, Buzzfeed and all the other Tech companies, right? Surely, you’ve heard of it. They’re so liberal and so social justice warrior, you know? They live inside a bubble with lots of opinions on political stuff, but is it all fake love over there? It just might be, whilst they had hoped for Hillary Clinton and used to pray to Obama five times a day, they did forget one thing. In being so liberal, they tend to overlook the shocking amount of homelessness there and just why overlook it? It’s only got worse in the last eight years. So, if you’re not going to house them, but you want Starbuck’s to hire 10,000 Syrian refugees? Let us guess, they’re okay to sleep in your spare bedroom, right? No? Well then, Liberal hypocrisy is so evident here, is it not?

Credit: CBS

You know Tinder, right? They’re also based out there in the lavish silicon valley somewhere (we bet), whilst seemingly half the state lives on the street. Well, Tinder it’s a sh*thouse for dating and we’re pretty sick of seeing profiles consisting of these sorts of people down below, aren’t you? Don’t get your panties in a twist darling, I was swiping left, oh and let me guess, if it’s “sex” you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the wrong place (always in the profile), no worries darling we wouldn’t touch you with a selfie stick, even! <SHUDDER>

Now here’s everyone’s favourite Native American Indian, who should be running for President in 2020, right? No liberal leftie backlash for cultural appropriation here, so without further a due, we bring you “POCAHONTAS”, that “NASTY WOMAN!” So, set up your Walmart Tepee’s and hopefully you can vote for this loser in 2020….

Elizabeth Warren, is she an Apache or a Navaho? F*ck knows? Credit: GlockTalk

We have to throw in another Obama reference now, because he promised so much change, hopefully it’s enough for one last cold one.

Here’s the Liberal Left’s violent Freedom fighters, we must think that all the Democrats are so proud of their contributors to society, right? The democrats are still alive and well in horrible forms of Anarchy! They must be so proud…..Look at your children, let’s hope you don’t ever have anymore of them, right?

Send them all to Venezuela, post haste! And, they can all fight over a single potato! Tumblr

Now for that other candidate, of the communist kind, the one that all liberal lefties said would be so great, because he’s all about the people, but wait a minute! This guy has three mansions and drives a Ferrari and was given a hefty back payment by the Clinton Foundation perhaps? But, what kind of communist is that? Oh yeah, that’s what communists do, live well whilst everyone else starves. Huh, what’s that Bernie? You didn’t receive a fat cheque from Hillary?

Right…We believe you. Giphy

Remember how the Democrats berated Donald J. Trump about his comments about Sweden, well the stupid Demofascist had to eat their words, as refugee rapes and migrant crimes rise, and now the most common name in Sweden is soon Mohammed. How nice! That’s the liberal logic. How about this? Why doesn’t California and New York, take all of Sweden’s migrants and refugees off of the Scandinavian country (because they’re so all-inclusive over there) and then you see how you like it? Yes, let them in so they can rape everyone and murder your children. Here’s a photo, for some food for thought to you, since you want cultural enrichment so badly, here it is! How’s that for your socialist Utopian ideals?

You see the Democrats and Socialists, desperately and always have needed votes throughout history, so they don’t care about the country, they just want votes, so soon they might roll in Sharia Law someday by default, where this will be perfect for all those secret kiddy fiddlers out there. A beautiful Husband and Wife photo down here below, coming at you from the Future! Yes, let them in, right?!

Nothing says politically correct more than a full-grown man marrying a child. How liberal! Credit: LouderwithCrowder

You know Angela Merkel (well in California, she’s a saint like Obama) but in real life she’s a close descendent of Jabba The Hut, don’t believe us, well just look at the resemblance here, it’s uncanny. We bring you the mother of all migrant rapes and migrant violence in Germany.

Separated at Birth? Merkel is the ugly sister of Jabba. Credit: Pinterest

Yes, Merkel has destroyed Germany and her soul has vacated her body already, but why don’t we hear about it? Well, because of socialist conditioning everywhere, socialism is rife and they like to cover up migrant crimes and refugee rapes and they try to blame nobody for it, so now let’s show a mashup of two images together, because do you really think the Germans actually appreciate Merkel’s continual goal of destroying Germany? Nah, we don’t think so either.

Germany’s guide for Islamic Rapists, who are known to strike at the pool house. Credit: Gatestone

But, we should feel sorry for all the rapists and terrorists migrants? It’s not their fault, we need to welcome them and give them free everything, whilst native citizens can’t get medical care and are thrown to the back of the line, in favour of new citizens that will vote for Merkel and her party, and Merkel also promises them Sharia Law in the far future by default. How German is that?

Now in the light of the recent surrender of France to Germany and with the further future promise of Islamic Terrorism instead of Red Roses in Paris, we bring you France’s new President. Don’t worry he won’t be “grabbing any pussy”…

He will fight climate change and then Islamise France even more! Credit: isucheer

Nice job, France! Since never did Macron mention anything about refugees, migrants and civil unrest, only climate change. We think that’s enough triggering for one day, but do let us know if we missed out on anything and please tell us what we missed out on, in the comments section below.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: SpigotMC

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