Brad Pitt Makes First TV Appearance Since Angelina Split on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Brad Pitt made his first TV appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night, since his September split from Angelina Jolie, laying down on a picnic blanket and playing a round of “Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars”. Brad Pitt was there to promote his new Netflix film ‘War Machine’ and some hilarity ensued as the questions began rolling in.

The scene was set for some serious “Bromance” as they simulated looking up at the stars and surely this was better publicity for Stephen Colbert, than it was for Brad Pitt. In our view, Stephen Colbert is about as funny as imagining Hillary Clinton being president, so not funny at all, but since Brad Pitt stopped by, surely the ratings shot up, quite a bit.

Credit: CBS/LateShow

“Hey Steven, if the universe includes all of existence, what existed before the universe? asked Brad.

“Probably just a teaser trailer for the universe, with one really good scene that isn’t even in the universe once it’s released” Colbert responded.

“Do you think beauty is really only skin deep?” asked Colbert. “I don’t know….I’ve never taken my skin off” Brad replied.

During the segment they addressed each other by pet nicknames which included Bradley Trooper, Pitty Pat, Brad to the Bone, and We Ain’t Leaving till we’re Stephen.

And, of course Stephen Colbert couldn’t resist doing his usual boring and pathetic shot at the Trump administration, because you know that he has no funny jokes whatsoever, saying, “I see an endless void, no answers, no meaning, no way to construct anything from the swirling chaos.”

Credit: CBS/LateShow

“You see all that when you look into space? Brad asked. ¬†“No that cloud just kind of looks like Sean Spicer” said Stephen Colbert.

Then Brad Pitt asked Colbert if mathematics is the underlying structure of the universe, to which Stephen replied that he didn’t know, but he was sure that Brad was “a solid eight”.

After that Brad started making fun of his filmography when Colbert asked if anyone can truly know themselves, Brad replied that it doesn’t matter because in the end “it turns out we were all Edward Norton the whole time” in reference to his role as Tyler Durden in the cult film ‘Fight Club’.

Then Colbert asked “is it possible to describe infinity?” To which Brad replied, “Yes, it’s one less than the number of Oceans sequels we’ll be making”.

Credit: LateShow/Instagram

The “Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars” segment was building up to a plug of Brad Pitt’s new film ‘War Machine’, where he plays a rock star like NATO commander that instructs his forces in Afghanistan.

With the amount of incredibly boring liberal late show hosts in the United States, we suppose it didn’t matter on which show Brad Pitt finally appeared on, but only that he did and in this case it was with the very un-funny Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show is like many of the other late show’s that serve up the purpose of helping to drive home the lying mass media’s fake news all over again, but in a joke format. Well at least we got to see Brad Pitt back on our TV screens, promoting his new Netflix film. Thumbs up!

Brainstain, over and out!

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