That’s The Way Relationships Usually Crumble

Who’s ever fallen in love before? Some already have, some haven’t and some never will, but many and quite a few people are well versed in relationships. Whilst, some will most definitely be in for a few surprises along the way. But, isn’t it nice to be with someone you’re compatible with? Yes, you’re not alone anymore, plus now you’ve got somebody to confide in and to also listen to. But, as we know in any relationship or marriage, there’s the well-known and so-called “honeymoon” period, which is the time when you just can’t keep your hands off each other and you speak to each other in a cutesy little baby language that only the two of you understand, much to the annoyance of all singletons in close proximity.

But with the end of the “honeymoon” period, comes reality and with that comes the mundane tasks of everyday life, like doing chores, paying bills and watching The X-Factor. So, we thought we would illustrate in gif form, how usually relationships start off with sweet-sweet love, but over time, things eventually start to crumble or maybe you’re just one of the few that’s immune to this impending doom? So, shall we begin?

Well, in the beginning, how about those romantic dinner dates, eh? They sure were nice, weren’t they? Where you present your absolute best, as you both get to know each other more and more. Kiss, kiss, kiss and things.

Nothing beats that feeling of new romance, almost as if you’re the only two people in the world. A world which solely revolves around you both. That kind of love is surely enough to make you all dizzy! So, all that joy is here to stay forever, right?

So, then you decide to take the next step and move in together, perhaps even compromising on what wall colour your significant other wants in the living room. Everything is total bliss at this point!

Your sex life is still at a peak and you’re both at it like Duracell Bunny’s, all the time. Since nothing else really matters…

However, the years go by and there’s even a phrase for it, “the three-year itch”, where that once fresh love story starts to take on the reality of the everyday mundane life together, and you start to debate whether you can really stand their annoying little habits, often called “passion killers”. You start to notice how they chew their food which annoys you to no end or you just can’t stand how they interact with your friends, or how they never ever put the toilet seat down or how they just complain about every goddamn thing, like when you never close the tooth paste tube after using it. Any small thing can now set you off!

Your once steamy sex life together is now almost scheduled in on the fridge door, along with all the other weeks non-work related chores, like cleaning the floors.

You can no longer even withstand the contempt you have for your partners abhorrent choice in television programs, like The X Factor or Dancing With The Stars, whilst the TV sometimes becomes the trusty old third wheel in your relationship. You’re no longer communicating, like you once did.

Slowly but surely you’ve now got totally stuck in a slump and you wonder, when did it all happen? When did it become like this? And Eddie…

You start to bicker over small things and resentment then builds up between you both, and then you start to question things.

And it doesn’t end there, since you’ve lost the communication, now this leads to unresolved issues and…

Your friends and family start noticing that’s something’s not right, and they start asking you about it, to which you reply…

Maybe you’ll go on a break like Ross and Rachel, to re-assess and re-find yourselves… Or you ride out the storm until the wheels…

So, then what’s next? Either you stick it out for the long haul or you just say…

Then there you are again, on the very opposite side of a relationship.

You start believing in your own hype for a while, plenty of fish in the sea and all, knowing full well that society only gives you the choice of two extremes. A two-party system of sorts…

Then Christmas comes around and you know that this Christmas is going to suck so bad and that you might even end up like Chelsea Handler one day.

But, that’s not really true, as there are many chapters to your life, because just imagine a book without any twists or even a film without any ups and downs, that’s so incredibly boring, isn’t? You see, it’s all apart of the learning process and you might even start dating again…

And now, for some more words of wisdom, we bring you the following PSA’s, that will no doubt make you feel better, no matter what you do or whatever has happened, since relationships can be hard work, but…

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And lastly for those that are afraid to open new chapters or even return to old chapters in the “book of life”, here’s a real gem.

Credit: Twitter

Sometimes that’s how relationships crumble and that’s sometimes the way the story goes, but you’re in charge of your own destiny, so the lessons learned on the way, should be considered as a bonus.


Brainstain, over and out!

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