5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Cannot Be A Racist For Criticising Islam

Openly criticising Islam will not only get you death threat Tweets and illiterate anonymous Facebook messages from aggravated Muslims from Bangladesh, but it will also make you the unjust target of vindictive and malicious racial accusations.

By being labelled as a racist, the perpetrator of said racial accusations is doing their utmost in silencing the criticising of Islam and in doing so, putting irrational fear of subjective criticism of said religion from further commencement.

In other words, if you dare criticise my ”sweet and peaceful religion” not only will you be blown up to smithereens, but, you’ll also be openly labelled a detestable, repulsive, revolting and downright villainous racist.

But the thing is, there is a slight problem with that notion. Now, repeat after me… Islam is an ideology and a religion and not a race.

The Inquisitr

It is fundamentally and logically impossible to be considered a racist when criticising Islam, while attempting to label or critique the said religion and ideology with the universally and commonly known description of the term (a racist being a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another).

Inhale and repeat slowly, until it’s permanently etched into the subconscious of your brain. You cannot be a racist when denouncing, disapproving, attacking or simply having an opinion that is perceived to be negative of a religious belief or teaching. Everyone shall be entitled to an opinion, that nobody else needs to practice or agree with.

So with that in mind, here are 5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Cannot Be A Racist For Criticising Islam. But remember, regardless of the logic and reasoning behind it, you criticise Islam at your own peril. However, in the light of the Manchester Arena’s terror attack last night, this now proves that it is now the time that anyone can now openly criticise Islam and radical Islam, and, justifiably so.

1 – Muslims come in many different shades and colours.

Pakistani, Black, Asian and even White Ginger. Representatives and followers of Islam are not exclusive to one set skin tone or race. Think of Islam as a multi-coloured glittering rainbow complete with many different shades of colour. Except homosexuals of course (because Islam hates gays and tend to throw them off building roof tops) in Islamic orientated and in Islamic governed countries. With so many races and skin tones worshipping Allah and the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) it is therefore impracticable to be even considered a racist when disagreeing with traits and practices associated with the “alleged” religion of peace.

Daily Mail

2 – Disagreeing with primitive practices does not make you a racist.

Some of the distinguishing characteristics that are open to be condemned, ridiculed, criticized and opposed include: Female genital mutilation, Beheadings, Burqas, Culture and Society Segregation, Sharia law, the Brutal slaughtering of animals for halal purposes, the Oppression and unjust treatment of women, Terrorism and intimidation, Paedophilia, Stoning and of course the brutal persecution of homosexuals. Openly disagreeing with any of these traits associated with Islam does not make you a racist in any way, shape or form. Is there anyone out there that would condone such horrendous acts, sanely?

Daily Express

3 – Hurting Muslims feelings does not make you a racist, sorry, not sorry.

When it comes to the criticizing of Islam, naturally a follower of the said belief and faith, would be hurt whenever something they holds sacred is defiled or treated with contempt.  In fact, many followers would consider it morally wrong to hurt their religious sensibilities, as it can disturb the peace and harmony of society and disrupt the flow of time itself.

Whenever a disbeliever openly criticises Islam, earthquakes and volcanoes erupt and fairies drop down dead. However, just because alleged “feelings” have been hurt in the process of criticising Islam, the critic does not automatically gain membership into the Ku Klux Klan. In other words, they are positively, absolutely and undeniably not a racist. In fact, for not being down with Sharia Law, it might just make them very humane people and people of logic, instead.

The Body Of Truth

4 – What’s the difference between the Muslim Mafia and Feminazis? Well, not that much actually.

Blasphemy used to be a thing, a mechanism designed to deter criticism of religion. However, much like racist accusations, blasphemy has become redundant. In a modern 21st century, the action or offence of speaking in a sacrilegious manner against God (Allah, Zeus, or whatever God you are currently worshipping) much like the Tooth Fairy and Hilary Clinton as President of the United States simply does not exist in any reality or fourth dimension.

In fact, free speech and the free right of opinion and expression is a very basic human right. Just because you oppose ideals and principles originated from a belief or a religion, it does not automatically make you an oppressive racist. Feminism and Islam, despite being polar opposites are actually both very similar, as both expect special privileges and wish to be exempt from criticism and ridicule and put on some kind of socially moral pedestal.

Remember, equality means you are open to the notion of being criticised, questioned and judged just like everyone else.

Al Jazeera

5 – Islamophobia is not real and it is simply a fabrication of your imagination, that’s been pushed by the Left Wing Socialist-Globalist News Media.

And, on the 3rd day… Allah created “Islamophobia”.

If being labelled an unrelenting racist was not enough to deter you from criticising Islam, then being labelled an immoral and sinful “Islamophobe” will send you shivering and quaking in your boots. Islamophobia, a term which cunningly equates racism and xenophobia to the criticism of the ideals of Islam. It is a favourite tool used by liberals and social justice warriors to silence those into submission, who link a religious ideology with negative concepts.

In other words, not only do you have to contend with accusations of racism, bigotry, xenophobia and nazism, but also a barrage of Islamophobia thrown in for good measure, just to make sure that when your head is sticking out of the sand, they have enough room to take a good shot in delivering a fatal and bloody blow when throwing rocks and stones at you for simply having an opinion.

We Need To Talk About Islam

We here at Brainstain value our right to discuss and criticize quite frankly anything, including Islam. We reserve the right to criticize any belief system that violates rational thought, human rights or free speech, especially when a religion decides that they are superior to other beliefs and laws of the land.

We reserve the right to criticise a “Radical Ideology” which barbarically killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert last night in Manchester plus injuring 59 more, who were simply there only to enjoy a night of pop music.

Much less, we expect our criticisms not to be criminalized and be taken without fear of reprisals and any violence, from the left or from Islamic religious fundamentalists.

Zero Hedge

Just look at how Donald Trump recently organised fifty countries together in Saudi Arabia, to discuss and counter “Islamic Extremism” across the world. Islamic Extremism needs to be discussed openly in a public forum without fear of attack and backlash.

Remember, just because somebody doesn’t agree with what you have to say regarding Islamic Extremism, it doesn’t make you a bona fide racist.

All of this coming on the day, where the Manchester Arena Terror Attack, has killed 22 people and injured 59 more, many of them children, teenagers and adults, with the death toll expected to rise.

Let us take a moment to think about the innocent who have sadly lost their young lives and also for the victims and families of this barbaric attack in the name of “Islamic Extremist Terror”.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit – Return Of Kings

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