Donald Trump’s NATO Speech Chin Checks Other Deluded World Leaders

Yesterday, saw Donald J. Trump make a wonderfully poignant speech on terrorism and he observed a moment’s silence for all the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing, speaking from the new NATO Headquarters in Brussels, to further make his points on mass Immigration and political correctness and no hardline on Islamic Extremism, in the wake of near and present danger of Islamic Extremism all over Europe, the points he has been stating all along, even as he was running for President, here’s a brave man, standing up to the corruption of NATO.

Let’s now see one of the greatest Presidential speeches ever made, where the fear of being fully exposed is all too apparent on Miss Merkel’s and Emmanuel Macron’s faces, two globalist and socialist hacks that have helped to make Europe unrecognisable and they continue to wish to do so, in how they conduct their policies on immigration and collusion of Islamic Terror, because they’re apart of a worldwide shadow government that wants to cause unrest in our world.

Did you see Macron’s weak muppet face? Did you see Merkel’s soul nearly leave her body, oh yeah, you didn’t, well that’s because she has no soul, remember?

However, we see how they realised that people are not buying into their socialist and failing model of open borders, with their further intended plans for the continual Islamisation of Europe.

Let’s remind liberal numpty’s that Immigration shouldn’t be borderline illegal and or to benefit political parties that give them free everything in return for political votes, (socialism – in a nutshell) whilst their own citizens suffer, with burgeoning communities of uneducated and radical cultures, that cannot co-exist with the Western ideology.

If someone wishes to reside in the West, they must live by the Western ideology, this leaves no space for “Radical Losers” and any pandering to Islam. If you want to live in Europe, be European, don’t force us your religion. Simple.

Just look at those two horrible meek faces, dead center, Merkel and Macron. Credit: Fox10/Youtube

It’s a well-known fact that Islamic Radicals will use people like Angela Merkel, and other socialist countries and hacks like Emmanuel Macron (email evidence of his Islamisation plans in France), to cater into their sympathy for political correctness (smoke & mirrors) in order to continue their deluded and ongoing terrorism in our lands, by being lax on logical matters.

So, this is what Donald Trump is fighting against and he had made his point all too clear to other leaders in Europe, how they’re illogical and greedy ways have stifled Europe, and as he stated, unless they do more to combat their weak stances on mass immigration, they need to start paying their fair share of their GDP in protecting their countries and the world, instead of flooding them with evil from the Middle Eastern block.

Donald Trump called out all the globalist socialist hacks and their left-wing mass media, brainwashing their people into submission to an evil plan to Islamise Europe and to ruin people’s lives with more Terrorism.

This is a political war of Patriotism vs. Colluded Socialism. It was such a nice touch how Donald Trump referred to a piece of the Twin Tower wreckage and also to that part of the Berlin wall, symbolically relating the two to our modern times.

We stand with Donald Trump, and we agree with his speech down to every point. Plus, Angela Merkel makes us sick, as do all the other shadow government hacks within the EU, that do not care about anybody but themselves.

We suppose it will take the death of one of their own children in the name of Terror, to finally wake them up. Oh guess what, Merkel and Macron, have no children. We rest our case!


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: NBC News

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