Friday the 13th: The Game Officially Released Today

What’s today? It’s the 26th of May, right? What do you get if you add up, 13 + 13? You get 26, or if you took 13 and multiplied it by 2, you’d get 26 again, so it’s sort of apt that today marks the much-anticipated official launch of ‘Friday The 13th: The Game’, made by the crowdfunded fans and the geniuses of Gun Media and IllFonic, so that we can experience Camp Crystal Lake and also be Jason Voorhees and either just run and hide as camp counsellors, or simply brutally murder scared teens and young adults at a summer style camp, whilst playing as Jason.


You know the sound by now, that terrifying echoing hiss like sound, which signals that Jason Voorhees is in close proximity and this will no doubt also be prevalent in the game. So, it’s up to you, will you be anti-Jason or will you be Jason and bring the dead souls out of bodies for your momma? “Bring them to Mommy, my sweet Jason!”

But, if you want to bring down Jason, it’s not going to be easy, here’s some things that you must do if you want to kill him in the game:

  • Female counselor must wear Jason’s mom’s sweater.
  • Attack Jason until his mask is removed.
  • Have Tommy Jarvis wear the mask.
  • Activate the sweater near Jason.
  • Stun Jason.
  • Tommy Jarvis interacts with Jason and finishes him

A creepy ensemble of tasks, indeed, especially the part of a female counsellor needing to wear Jason’s mom’s sweater, just to fool him into thinking that she’s still alive, the only person that the evil monster can sympathise with.

The game was made available to those that helped to crowd fund the game on PC for a while, but today it’s available in the Playstation store for PS4 (PSN) and it’s also available on the Xbox One (Live) and on Steam for PC, for good measure. What are you waiting for? Close the curtains, avoid the sweltering heat and keep your ears peeled for “Chi-Chi-Chah-Chah-Chah!”

Now for some standard executions “Jason Style”, to give you a sense of the terror that awaits you this weekend.

Will you be downloading it at the Playstation store this weekend? Let’s get some inside intel from the creators now, speaking of this game which is sure to dominate LAN parties and Twitch Streams.

Sean Cunningham, the creator of the Friday the 13th Franchise, said ““It’s been nearly 30 years since fans have had the opportunity to experience a Friday the 13th Video Game. Technology has finally reached a level that allows us to produce an experience fans of the franchise deserve. It’s always been a dream of mine to let players fully BECOME Jason, and stalk camp counselor’s across a virtual Crystal Lake. I’m delighted we’re able to bring this fantasy to life!”

Ronnie Hobbs of GunMedia, said about the game, “As you can imagine the conversion from Slasher Vol.1: Summer Camp to Friday the 13th The Game, was a dream come true for our entire team. The one vs seven, asymmetrical multiplayer is a perfect fit for this franchise, and we can’t wait to share our creation with fans across the world”.

Learn more about the game here. We’re off to download this barbaric horror fest, as we speak.

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Brainstain over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: 1428 Elm

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