Enjoy the Bank Holiday & Memorial Day Holiday

Rarely do both sides of the pond get to share a day off, whilst in England the banks are closed, the U.S. are taking in the memorial day holiday in honour of all those in the military, who died in active service in protecting their country.

Now, whilst most will justifiably be lazing out on the couch, sleeping in till late or even be catching up on some paperwork, Netflix or even doing some late spring cleaning, well this is the day just for that, an extra day to your weekend, whilst also thinking of those that lost their lives in battle for their country.

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Plus, this correlation between holidays between the U.K. and the U.S.A. is so rare that it probably only happens as often as a solar eclipse or a dark moon or something, and it’s justified that one would also pay their respects on this day, as well as, scrambling yourselves back to work tomorrow in the best possible of conditions.

You may even be able to call your friends in the U.S. or U.K. on a rare day off for both sides, so do as we do, call family and friends and organise something on this day and enjoy the day off. We will be back tomorrow with more entertainment news with a twist, as always.


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