Onyx & Dope D.O.D: Shotgunz in Hell Album Released

Here at Brainstain, we bring you the cutting edge of everything, so today we bring you the sharp cuts & beats, with the added slithering venom of lyrics in the form of Onyx and Dope D.O.D, who linked up and just dropped their double-team album, named Shotgunz in Hell on the 29th of May, 2017.

If you’re totally partial to some stellar hip-hop, horrorcore or boom-bap rap, then this is very welcome news for you, indeed. On some serious rockstar-horror vibes, this is truly some terribly frightening levels of hardcore cranium “crack” raps being reached here, which will literally come out your speakers and slap you upside your head, without any sign of remorse. This is hardcore!

But hey, don’t take our word for it, even though our word is really somewhat like gospel. Just check this out!

“F*ck their live shows. I’ve seen better raps on gyros” – Sticky Fingaz

Hopefully, many people felt very offended or very empowered there! Onyx from South Jamaica Queens, NY, consists of MC’s Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr, who have been a major focal point of Hip-Hop culture since 1993, with their debut album release of ‘Bacdafucup’ and then the sophomore album, ‘All We Got Iz Us’ in 1995, up until today, seeing their re-emergence in a big way with the album produced by the Snowgoons, called ‘Wakedafucup‘ in 2014, which also saw Dope D.O.D. feature on the track by the same name.

So, now it sees their much-anticipated collaboration with the Dutch hip-hop-horror crew from Groningen, Dope D.O.D. dropping their full team album, much to the rapturous applause from all of us here at Brainstain.

Dope D.O.D. broke onto the hip-hop scene with their massive hit song and video, entitled “What Happened” in early 2011, which now harbours over 26 million views on YouTube, following that they have opened up shows for artists’ and bands like Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang Clan, Korn and Limp Bizkit. Also, notably Dope D.O.D. did a track called “Psychosis” with the late great Sean Price of Duckdown Records.

Whilst Onyx’s track record of collaborations and history in the hip-hop game is endless, but to name a few, they’ve collaborated with the metal band Biohazard, rap group Wu-Tang Clan and have even featured with 2Pac on tracks, posthumously. As if they needed any introduction, “absolute legends!”

But, if you need a re-cap, their album ‘Bacdafucup’, with much hyped up and backed up by the crowds head nodding’ response to some banger hits, like “Slam”, “Shiftee” and “Throw Ya Gunz”, which gave birth to their own loudest form of hardcore Hip-Hop, like no others before or after. On ‘All We Got Iz Us”, songs like ‘Last Dayz’ and ‘Live N*guz’, very much sealed the deal for a life long fanbase.

So, what about the new album ‘Shotgunz from Hell’? We went and bought ours today, and the horrorcore is all in there, with hard-hitting beats, electronic dubstep base breaks, with boom-bap elements and shades of Jason Voorhees, Mike Myers and Freddy Krueger all rolled into one hell of an album. So far we’ve enjoyed it and let’s go over some track mentions, shall we?

Onyx and Dope D.O.D Credit: PopKiller

The first single “XXX” with almost 650k views on Youtube so far, is a rugged beat crushing song, which sets the tone for the album ahead, following up with the hugely popular track, “Piro” which has already amassed almost half a million views in just one month on YouTube, featuring Dopey Rotten, original member of Dope D.O.D. with highlight lyrics such as, “I’m out of this world, b*tch! Your rap shit’s terrible, talk the talk, walk the walk, though you never do!” – Dopey Rotten.

Other tracks that definitely deserve a mention are “Spit in Ya Face” with a haunting beatline, strings and melodic bells, plus “Psychopath” featuring Canada’s Snak The Ripper, and “Doomsday” which all service you with enough hardline beats and lyrical content to hold you over until Halloween, at the very least.¬†Today this new video just launched on the album release date, the third video single, entitled “Don’t Sleep”. So, whether you need an extreme pick me up or you just want to celebrate kicking ass in life or you just want to be anti-crap music, that many people are listening to these days, then with this very opposite sound, this pop killer sound, this album is most definitely for you, “against the grain” as they say.

Enjoy! And, go buy your copy on digital download from iTunes and other platforms!

We will have this album on repeat for days. Even in the illest of times, this music will keep you sane.

Buy the New Album here on Amazon! 

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Dope D.O.D/XXX/Youtube

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