Ultra Street Fighter II Is All The Rage On Nintendo Switch

You remember the days when you’d be standing up in an Arcade Zone at some travelling Gypsy fair, sometime in the early nineties, scrambling your coins in your pocket, nervously waiting your time being well and truly up, to return home or to meet your parents, right? So, just how far could you really get in the epic Street Fighter II game?

Well, that all depended on how much time you had and how many coins you had and just how “kick-ass” you really were in pushing those buttons rapidly and shifting that joystick to the right place to unleash killer combos, cartoon style!

The way Chun-Li stretched her leg out of her crotch like that, was and still is the stuff of legend! Credit: Polygon

For a long time now on Playstation you’ve been able to play Street Fighter, but once again now, you can enjoy Street Fighter II from the comfort of your own home on the Nintendo Switch, with full retro vibes inside. So, you don’t have to be that kid standing around at the Gypsy fair playing on the Arcade machine anymore, which was totally within reasonable danger and potential kidnapping, if you’d take into consideration of all the weirdos and sickos that are seemingly out there today, and given the notion that your parents didn’t really care where you were, which explains the 90’s very well, don’t you think?

Let’s be honest, it was a very different time in the 90s, but somehow the legend of Street Fighter II remains the same, as is evidenced by the re-release of the classic 2D, beat ’em up-one-on-one fighter game, dropping on May 26th, just this past weekend. Let’s take a look at the launch trailer now!

So, Capcom have teamed up with Nintendo Switch this time, permitting other licensing agreements with Playstation, to bring you this cult classic, once again for the 30th Anniversary of the game. Will you remember all the combos from the 90s? You can play old school style, or switch to HD experience and even customise your fighter. You can also try out new game modes, such as The Way of The Hado, Buddy Battle Mode, or play online, ranked or unranked, to find out who really is the greatest Ultra Street Fighter, you see? Looks like an epic ensemble of treats in one Street Fighter II for all the Nintendo players.

Anyway, don’t take our word for it, you need to listen to what Alex from Nintendo Life has to say, so here he is!

It does exactly what is says on the TIN!

Buy your copy of  ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II right here!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Wccftech

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