What Happens When You Drink An Energy Drink (After A Long Abstinence)

Ever felt so overwhelmed by monstrous work tasks ahead, since you’re beyond tired, you didn’t sleep enough and you have to storm through a thousand tasks at god speed. What do you do? Your heart is now too old for those Class A illegal substances and they were never a good fit for your day or for productivity, to give you any sort of high-speed effect that’s needed to tackle these tasks, without crashing down dead. Well, what do you do to cure this lethargy and switch on, in no time, with precision and purpose? Well, after you have some for the first time in a long while…

As you might have guessed by now, you get yourself a Taurine laden Energy Drink. And, in no time, you’ll be reeling with super caffeine-like rage symptoms in the form of inner tension and sweating from the forehead, with dwindling dread as you storm through your mission. But, with that new-found surge of energy, you can finally get all of this sh*t done on time, right?! Maybe so, but not without feeling like this…

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Wow! Did you have a Monster Energy drink like we did, or did you just settle for a shot of that 5-Hour Energy? Or maybe you went all natural and healthy, go “Organic” style and have a Mountain Dew Energy drink, clearly the Class B of Energy Drinks here.

You could always have chosen another go to source in the Energy Drink department, it’s a trusty old rage starter this one, with or without the Vodka, we bring you Red Bull! Have two of these back to back, and you’ll be twitching and turning, just like Peter Griffin here. Even for a man his size, with a little bit of Red Bull, you’ll be on the Autobahn in no time!

When nothing else could get you on that level, the energy drink had to be drunk, and you feel like you’ve ingested a liquid form of illegal substances. Perhaps, that’s why in some countries they have been banned, whilst in others, luckily they are still available to save you in those times of need, but thankfully they are not on sale for children (well-played). Either way, don’t become addicted to these “Liquid Coke in a Can” beverages or you’ll become a legal basehead and nobody likes that. Actually nobody likes a basehead, either way.

Sure, they can give you wings, but please drink them responsibly. Here’s a bit of science now, or is it?

Drink them at your own peril (regular usage is very taxing on the heart), but sometimes you need something to jack you up in the morning, so having one, once in a while is okay, but it surely brings back weird feelings of their strange likeness to amphetamines or cocaine. Hmmm? With the impending up’s, comes the guaranteed down’s, so you’ll need to weather the storm and get your nerves back in check, afterwards.

All of this came to mind, with this example below as our conclusion. “Whow-Whee!” How about that Taurine, folks?

Brainstain, over and out!

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