Why Hasn’t Linda Clarke Destroyed ISIS Yet?!

Remember Linda Clarke? She was the outraged mum who back in 2015, soon after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist atrocity that left 12 staff of the satirical magazine massacred by ISIS, pledged to single handily wipe out the Islamic State and annihilate them into oblivion.

Having originally delivered a telling threat to the deadly terror group on her Facebook page, US stay-at-home mom, Linda Clarke awestruck the world with her sheer determination and resolution to succeed where the UN, NATO and the Governments of the world had so far failed.

Then again, with Barack Obama at the helm, we didn’t really have much chance, did we?

Linda initially posted her manifesto message – “I will destroy ISIS” – after assumingly being frustrated and angered witnessing the number of innocent lives lost at the bloodied hands of the terrorist organization.

Her fighting words captured the imagination of a world reeling from the terror groups’ cowardly attacks on unarmed civilians and as a result, Linda was captivated into a global meme star.

Know Your Meme

Linda’s rallying call began echoing loudly across the Twittersphere with the hero mum on a mission, being Photoshopped into various military poses.

Linda was our very own G.I Jane and she was set to lead us into battle and ultimately into victory.

But that was in 2015, it has been almost 2 years since Linda first inspired us with her words of heroism and determination, and since then our once proud and patriotic hero has now vanished into obscurity.

ISIS are very much still alive and terrorising the world, the most recent attack occurring in an ice cream parlour packed with women and children celebrating Ramadan where at least 27 innocent people died and 100 casualties left injured in a planned car bombing in Baghdad.

Know Your Meme

Linda Clarke inspired a generation to take the fight to ISIS and with our conquering champion leading the charge; Linda was set to topple the Islamic State and their brand of radical ideology of Islam.

Linda, if you just so happen to read or subscribe to Brainstain, please answer our calls and prayers.

We the people need you now, more than ever.

If you just so happen to know the whereabouts of this former figure of defiance, then please do let us know in the comments section. Maybe this fallen American hero can be persuaded to join the ranks beside the President of the United States, Mr.Donald Trump and destroy these “losers” once and for all. Linda, will you heed the call?

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit – Know Your Meme

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