How Hollywood’s Celebrities Went From Hot to Not

So, it’s been an interesting time of late in the political landscape, even more so in the build up of the setting, then the inciting incidents during the primaries and even through to the election, where the “climax” came, if you will, as you can remember, right? Trump won! Plus of course, it was even more joyous after the results came in, and now in seeing so many liberal Hollywood elitists doing Satan’s menial work along with the liberal mass media’s “sh*t show” to try to topple Trump, with creative inventions like a Russian narrative, sort of like the The Hunt For Red October, however, none of it ever existed. So, has Hollywood been equally as creative in just making any good films recently? Not so much, as there’s been a huge slump in box office cinema ticket sales lately to prove it, in fact, its the worst slump since 1998 (a crap year for films) so who or what’s to blame for this decline in the interest in Hollywood and their films? There’s a number of factors to go over now, so let’s go and explore, shall we?

So first, let’s get to the heart of the liberal fake news media and then onto their late night talk show hosts, since once the fake liberal news media is done for the day and Anderson Cooper goes home and takes a nap, add the same regurgitated “BS” that’s smeared by CNN all day, to the then late night talk show hosts like Trevor Noah (aka Noah-body is listening), then onto the very creepy Stephen Colbert (John Podesta’s friend, no wonder his presence is so unnerving) to the meek and insignificant Seth Myers and even Bill Maher (has disappointed us, so much) that all of these talking heads make our eyes roll into the back of our heads, so much so, that it wouldn’t be surprising if we were on some uncontrollable MDMA trip, which happens in a reflex whenever we hear the mere sounds of their voices.

Let’s not hug, Stephen. Giphy 

Mind you, these late night cronies also work for the same corporations as the same fake news losing networks, that are all seemingly owned by Satan (in a nutshell, no pun intended). Seeing a pattern just yet, for the Trump bashing? They didn’t get as they wanted with Hillary not winning the election, so a big-boo-huu! And yet, they’re still at it.

Career suicide, oh yeah, what career? Credit: WTHR

So, add all that together and what do you have? You have liberal numpty’s that are brainwashed, watching CNN like sheep in a herd, entrusting the least credible news source now in history, with Anderson Cooper’s expertise in the teleprompter Olympics (doesn’t bat an eyelid) and how about that sick old lady Kathy Griffin, will she now still host new years eve on CNN? What the hell is going on? She’s not been fired yet. Well hell, liberal snowflakes are vacuous and the institutionally corrupted celebrities of Hollywood, have to do Satan’s penance or at least strive to resurrect their careers, somehow. This applies to those that have virtue signalled their disdain for President Donald Trump. Anyways, it is what it is, currently until the tides change.

What a night! Giphy

So, once liberals in San Francisco and across the country in those liberal states and cities, settle down after a daily dose of fake news all day, in the evening again they settle down in front of the TV for the night time facade, thinking that they’re all smart and informed, to listen to some unfunny wise cracks from more fake liberal news media, but now in a joke format, yet, nobody is laughing. These hosts’ comedy material couldn’t even make a Hyena laugh, let alone a person with a sense of humour.

But we forget, the audience is for the lowest common denominator, the disdained Democrats, the intolerable far left liberals, the Demofascists, the Champagne Socialists, the Pussy-Hat clan and with their lack of logic in the political landscape, what they get with CNN and with these Late Night chat hosts, is that safe space, that they can get all get cozied up into, right?

They can all assume that they are very well-informed and since they don’t have any interest in politics or world affairs in the first place, simply by repeating what Anderson Cooper has said, they can now feel like they know what’s going on, so that they can feel intelligent or even at least pretend to know what’s happening out there in the world. After that, they can attend champagne parties together and talk about how terrible Trump is and then make a social justice warrior pact for the inclusion of the teachings of Sharia Law in future school curriculums, because of political correctness, you know? And other stuff…

Plus, they can also continue their vile hatred of a difference in political opinion and reason, by a click of a button, and simply jump straight into Buzzfeed.

Slow clap ensues. Giphy

Anyway, these hosts aren’t funny and within respects to Hollywood, so much for American humour, as the days of Steve Martin, John Candy and Chevy Chase are long gone, as is also evidenced by the quite terrible comedies, countless re-boots of foregone films and TV shows, like the new and inauthentic “Quasi-Gay” version of ‘Baywatch‘ and to that of Ghostbustersbut with women (for all the feminists out there) and also to the never-ending onslaught of Comic book feature films, that clearly lack any real plot line and just are a continuous general wastage of money in the film industry, but still makes for big box office cash. But, to solely focus on blockbusters for the sake of blockbuster cash, with no real substance is becoming slightly boring by now. For a near enough example, with the Pirates of The Caribbean 5 movie, which just opened to some very meagre ticket sales in the opening weekend in the United States, goes to show this dwindling demand for fifth sequels for example. The latest and fifth instalment to the Pirates franchise makes you think that it’s been serviced only so Johnny Depp can recover his out of control finances. But, maybe not and Johnny Depp has had a tough time lately, so we truly hope it works out well for him. In China, so far, the film has been a massive hit.

But, what has really made people switch off from a general interest in Hollywood and their celebrities? Could it be because of the virtue signalling celebrities that are calling for open borders, for example? Just the way Hillary Clinton had wanted to bring in 500,000 Syrian refugees into America, if she was indeed elected. Thankfully, she wasn’t. Can you just imagine that for one moment?

Surely, they can’t all work at Starbuck’s, right? So they want to stand up for that, whilst they lock themselves up in $20 million dollar gated mansions and then lecture the people who live in real society, to just open up the floodgates to extreme Islamic ideologies and more potential terror attacks, just because Satan or somebody, said so?

Well, the people voted differently and not everyone was fooled by the worldwide shadow government’s spiel in the news media, well not in the UK and not in the USA, at least. And now, we  feel extreme pity for the people of France, Germany and Sweden. Since their weak stances on mass immigration and this philosophy of “welcome all refugees”, has seen countless crime surges in Europe, countless murders, daily gunshots and even countless rapes of their own women and children, plus add to that the welcome news of daily terror attacks being unleashed across their lands. Yet, you’ll still have socially conditioned morons, informed by socialist news media networks, that this is all normal nowadays and everyone is just about dumbed down enough, to willingly go and vote for these career politicians at the ballot box, come election time. Yes, with the help of the socialist falsifying news media, in many countries like France, Sweden and Germany, people are afraid to speak out for fear of being classed as “Islamaphobic” or even being labelled a “racist” for having some logic . So, it’s truly a shame that Marine Le Pen was not elected in France and pretty much you can wave France a kind farewell and “Au Revoir” by now.

Anyway, we guess that these Hollywood celebrities need to see some truly horrific CCTV footage of an Islamic rape gang forcing themselves on three German women, being attacked and sexually savaged by over forty men, to perhaps get them to even get their facts and logic straight, once and for all?

Sure, it’s all swell and good to sit in your mansions and then claim that Sweden is a perfect example of how socialism creates a wonderful multi-cultural Utopia, but you were wrong, yet again! Sweden and their main cities are becoming the rape capitals of the world and socialism is a beacon of domestic destruction and they’re all to blame for it.

So, back to the lack of interest in Hollywood and their films now, and just why are people not interested in films this summer, as much as they used to be? Hmmm.

Perhaps, it’s the virtue signalling Hollywood celebrities that caused this slump in the interest films altogether, seeing sick images like Kathy Griffin holding a dummy of Donald Trump’s severed head or just looking at George Clooney’s smug face as he lectures others on the migrant crisis and our need to open up the borders and our homes to them, whilst he won’t! Or could it even be Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe’s speech, in trying to berate Donald Trump upon Lucifer’s orders, or could it be that once loved actor, Robert De Niro, who has now since shown his intelligence to be on par with some sort of lobotomized farm animal, by calling Trump a “bozo” with his disgusting and vile scripted monologue to camera.

Nice and classy, Bob. Buzzfeed

All of these incidents didn’t really help and it does seem like the public interest in Hollywood, its films and their deluded celebrities are all very much waning in a downward spiral, and most of them have gone some way to damage the credibility and interest in show-business as a whole, as a result of all these factors here within.

Nice job Hollywood, keep this up and people would rather watch paint drying, than attend the cinema to see another one of your lacklustre re-boots, comic book adaptations or any of your generally boring drama movies, with the last Best Actor award going to Casey Affleck for the “sleeper cell-uloid” film that was Manchester by The Sea. That one sort of smells like some form of Hollywood corruption of some kind, doesn’t it? Did brother Ben help out on that one?

Anyways, it was Casey Affleck’s turn, but perhaps, Hollywood needs some new blood, perhaps it needs a new outlook for talent and perhaps it just needs some substance in their films or perhaps they should just attempt at staying out of politics and leave champagne socialism out of the entertainment sector, altogether?

Let us know what you think is currently wrong with Hollywood and why you think people are not so inclined to go and watch any of these Trump bashing celebrities in any of their upcoming films, anymore? Please inform us of your views.


Brainstain, over and out!

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