Three Reasons Why School Holidays Are The Absolute Worst Time

Remember when you were a kid, and how you just couldn’t wait for school to be over for the holidays? You’d wait eagerly until that last lesson would finally finish, so you could finally taste that sweet freedom.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the thing you once looked forward to so much, you now dread and hate with a passion.

Here’s a few reasons why half term and the school holidays are the absolute worst.

1. You know that everywhere you go, it’s going to be overly busy and manic

Fancy shopping at your favourite high street store, grabbing a coffee at your favourite cafe or even a nice meal out? Well, then you ought to be prepared that pretty much everywhere is going to be jam-packed. Don’t expect to enjoy a nice quiet meal out, when there’s going to be a screaming child on the next table or children running around the restaurant because their parents can’t be bothered to stop them (since they are too busy scrolling through their phones and posting pictures of their little angels onto Facebook). That, and if you don’t get there early enough, you’re probably going to be waiting a long while until you get a table. Best to have dinner at home during this time then, unless you’re willing to down a couple of Ibuprofen tablets to cure the noisy symptoms from unruly children running amok.

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2. Work becomes even more stressful than usual

This applies especially if you work in retail or in the restaurant industry. Colleagues and management are stressed, the rush of customers never seems to calm down for even five seconds, the place is a mess and it’s so loud that you can barely hear yourself think. I like to call these periods “pre-Christmas time”, because they’re almost just as bad as the Christmas shopping season rolled into one. Sometimes, I wonder if we’ve skipped the summer and we’ve gone straight to December already. Whilst there’s the one perk of being able to keep yourself occupied during your shift, you go home feeling so drained that you could collapse from fatigue. Then, there’s the horrible realisation that you have to go through it all again tomorrow. Oh joy, here they come!

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3. You realise that you no longer get the privilege of school holidays, and you wish they’d just go back already. As in the words of Donald Trump, “You have to go back”.

Unless you’re a teacher, end of term holidays don’t apply to you anymore. When you were a kid, school holidays were like Christmas come early. Any time spent away from the classroom were very treasured. Now, you’d just wish the little runts would just be sent back to class, before realising that you sound like a senile old man or woman at this point. That, and when the next school holiday comes along, you think “Wait a minute? Didn’t they just have their school holidays?” The day when they finally go back is like a blessing, or a post-apocalyptic relief, to be more realistic.

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Working during the horrendous school holidays? Don’t worry, we’ll survive it, somehow. We may lose our hearing or our sanity on the way, but we’ll make it out alive, either way. It will also make you think twice before even considering children of your own, at least…

<Story by Emily Clark>

Featured Photo Credit: TheAwareParentingInstitute

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