75% of Sweden’s Child Migrants (U18) Are Not Children At All

Do you remember the time when the influx of migrating men from Islamic countries came storming in through the borders of many European countries, with Germany and Sweden especially making a stand with signs of “All Refugees Welcome” because of you know, the poor helpless women and children running away from war-torn countries and such. Well, not all these migrating herds of people were in fact coming from war-torn countries at all and many were solely seeking refugee in socialist states, where they knew they’d get free housing, free money every month from the state and they could literally take advantage of such a weak rhetoric towards immigration. A lot of them were not refugees, but in fact just migrating herds of men.

So, they came in hordes, some even with their iPhones in hand, rolling their suitcases and waving at the idiotic crowds cheering them on. Yet, upon arrival it was found that most of them were men of Islamic & Muslim descent (no surprise), with very few women and children ever arriving. So many of them came pouring in by the hundreds of thousands in fact, that in countries like Sweden they were clearly overwhelmed and failed to register them adequately and failed to question their sincere lies of them being under 18 years old, since it be easier to claim asylum as legal children.

Well, this man is definitely not a child, spoken to by Police after a fight outside Stockholm’s central station. Credit: Daily Mail

Well, now a study by the Swedish Migration Board confirms what we knew all along, from a number of 4,200 suspicious asylum cases, 96% of them were all men of Islamic descent, and three quarters of these supposed child migrants were proven not to be children at all. That’s a staggering 75% of them, which were proven by forensic tests on wisdom teeth and their knees, to be well over the age of 18 years old.

So, it’s not really rocket science, since upon arrival if they could lie and say that they were children, then of course they would gain more sympathy, quicker asylum and more benefits. And, some of them had since been put on a suspicious list of whether they were legal children in the first place, but just imagine since out of only 4,200 suspicious cases, out of perhaps circa 180,000 refugees (migrants) or even more that have been arriving in Sweden since around 2015. So, just how many undocumented migrants and documented migrants, have lied and said that they were children. Here’s some fun maths that you can do now, take 180,000 and subtract 4,200 and what do you get?

You get 175,800 other migrants, that most likely are also 96% men of Islamic descent, of which another likely 75% of them, could have just lied and said that they were children, despite their bushy beards and emerging grey hairs, since political correctness would service these opportunists with the perfect cover to appear as hapless children.

The Swedish Migration Board were only suspicious about 4,200 of them, so they sent the cases to the company Rättsmedicinalverket for them to sift through the files of these supposed children, and they found that after testing only 581 people, 447 of them were confirmed as being medically over 18 years of age.

Here comes more bearded children. Do you see any women and children apart from the bearded one’s, of course? Credit: Sputnik International

So, how did they conduct these accurate tests, well they do it in two stages, first they X-Ray the wisdom teeth, then they do an MRI scan of the knees.

Ann Lemme a spokeswoman for Rättsmedicinalverket, said, “The results do not say exactly how old a person is, but is an assessment whether the person is over or under 18 years.”

Hmmm, well perhaps a lot of this could have been avoided with common sense, by eliminating any such lies by perhaps examining something as simple as a person’s facial hair usually not found on children, although, this could also be questionable as some of them grow beards by the age of thirteen, as we have heard, or maybe they don’t, right?

Ann Lemme added, “We expect to be able to manage our opinions at a faster pace now that our initial quality inspection and system review is conducted”.

Well, maybe the Swedish Migration Board should have been more thorough and vigilant with these migrants and their opportunistic lies at the initial border control, rather than just let them in and then see what happens.

These aren’t the migrants in question, these are only the Romanian gypsies, courtesy of the EU, that are very friendly and sit outside begging at every shop and corner in Sweden, nowadays. Bless them. Credit: Daily Mail

Well, what’s happened since, is that many cities in Sweden have become known as the rape capital of the world, despite increased efforts and money spent to teach them about Swedish culture and how to flirt with women. But nope, raping them is the way they were taught to treat women in their homeland.

Let’s give a round of applause or even better, a progressive slow clap to socialist Sweden. Nice job! Nothing says multi-cultural Utopia, like seeing or hearing about your teenage daughters being raped by degenerates, of whom even some of the respectable Muslim community have come out and stated that “you have received our absolute worst of people”.

All under the guise of political correctness and open borders, now elderly Swedish citizens cannot get the same standard of medical care any longer, as the country is stretched to the limit in resources to accommodate these migrants.

Donald Trump was right all along and anyone who knows Sweden knows that it’s now an unrecognisable place from what it once was and what can the Socialist government now do, apart from make things even worse, as they always have.

Socialist rhetoric 101! Credit: BareNakedIslam

The safe bet though is that in the next election in Sweden, the Socialist party will crumble and finally die off, whilst the Swedish Democrats, a nationalist party and are more hardline on such issues will win by a landslide. Unfortunately though, it’s too little, too late for Sweden, but perhaps there’s a glimmer of hope somewhere, but there really isn’t any glimmer of hope any longer. But, hopefully they can still keep Christmas for future generations, right?

Will Sweden’s government ever utter the words of Donald Trump and just simply say, “You have to go back.”

Just look at the atrocious terror attack in London on the weekend, then imagine how many more refugees and migrants Sweden took in over the past couple of years, which makes you wonder if either country will finally start being hardline on Islam, by shunning the horrible veil that is political correctness and also religious override in providing Mosques which are known to be places of radicalisation, especially in the United Kingdom.

This is what the leader of the free world Donald Trump has been saying all along, even recently calling out London Mayor Sadie Khan for his weak stance and rhetoric on said Islamic terror  attacks.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: BBC

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