Mayor of London Sadiq Khan tells Londoners to “Not to Be Alarmed” Amidst 3 Major Terror Attacks in 3 months

The hugely unpopular London Mayor Sadiq Khan said, “No reason to be alarmed about increased Police presence” a day after the horrendous London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack that claimed at least 7 lives, and injured 48 people. 21 of the injured are in a critical condition in hospital with more deaths expected to rise.

Donald Trump tweeted after Sadiq Khan’s comments: “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed!'”

Even though, as expected Donald Trump is now receiving a supposed backlash for this Tweet by the left-wing media for not adding ‘about increased Police presence’ inside the Tweet, but it doesn’t really matter as it’s clear that Sadiq Khan is terribly weak on his stance on Islamic terrorism in the capital, within his chosen words in response to the recent terror attack and within his passive demeanour in being the United Kingdom’s first Muslim mayor.  Let’s just say that Winston Churchill would be tossing and turning in his grave right now, at the thought of Sadiq Khan leadership as the spokesman for London.

This is the perfect time to be wary, Sadiq! Credit: The Muslim Weekly

Let’s not forget Sadiq Khan’s earlier comments about how “Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city” not long after he was somehow elected as London’s Mayor.

Really Sadiq Khan? We guess your comments helped to fuel the fire here or just simply is a deluded comment of surrender that will continue to come back to haunt him during his tenure as the Mayor of London. Hopefully, it’s a short one.

Brett Freeman of Dagenham, East London was knifed repeatedly by one of the ISIS attackers but miraculously is recovering in hospital and the morning after the attack his friend, Darren Mole Tweeted, “Just woke up to find a friend of mine stabbed 4 times in the #LondonBridge terror attack. All on your watch @SadiqKhan time to resign”

Darren Mole later added: “He’s a soldier” along with this picture of his friend Brett, laying on a hospital bed, where doctors fought to stop blood entering his lungs, to save his life.

Credit: Darren Mole/Twitter

So, there’s plenty of people that would actually wish to see the resignation of Sadiq Khan, who responded to Donald Trump’s Tweet by stating he had more important things to do instead of responding to Donald Trump’s, well-timed Tweet.

We share our views with Donald Trump and Darren Mole since we don’t believe that this Mayor is the correct choice for one of the greatest cities in the world and after his recent comments and after his previous comment on Islamic Terrorism, it almost seems like a conflict of interest for him to remain in charge in the role of London Mayor.

When will people finally wake up and realise that lighting tea candles and making social media posts with the words “Solidarity” “Pray” and “Thoughts are with”, will not be enough to eradicate the cancer which is Islamic Terror, which is rife in Mosques and in Prisons in Britain and across Europe, where the fanatical indoctrination of susceptible Muslims is a total breeding ground for further attackers in the name of Islam.

How many more people have to die before the tens of thousands of known Islamic Terror sympathisers, supporters and potential operatives that are wishing to wage “Jihad” in Britain, will be imprisoned, deported and or removed from the United Kingdom.

President Donald Trump is not impressed. – Credit: Variety

Now is the time to strip more Mosques down, plus now is the time to infiltrate the network of Islamic Extremist hatred for the west inside Mosques and prisons, plus also a time for a more stringent crackdown on political correctness for fear of upsetting Muslims, possibly including the overhaul of Burqa’s and most definitely the targeting of known people that pose a terror threat, by simply locking them up or sending them back, in the words of Donald Trump, “You have to go back”.

Why you might ask? Since you might find this to be somewhat of an extreme response, but it isn’t, since did you know that two thirds of British Muslims said they would not report a terror plot in Britain if they knew something about it, beforehand.

So, whilst they all say that this attack was not in their name, not in the name of Islam and that it really is the religion of peace, how come two thirds would not report suspected terror operatives or their plots to kill innocent people. Do you not also find that strange?

Credit: TheSun

So, with three major terror attacks in just three months, on Westminster Bridge and Parliament, then the nail bomb at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert just the other week, to this weekend’s London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack, the best choice of words that Khan can come up with was, “No reason to be alarmed”.

If there was ever a time for the famous phrase, “You’re fired!” then this would most definitely be it. We agree with Donald Trump and his recent tweet and with countless other people across the United Kingdom, that Sadiq Khan is weak and even seemingly tolerable to Islamic terror attacks, given his own words of them being part and parcel of city life.

Brainstain, over and out!

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