CNN’s Staged Islamic Demonstration Exposed

Good morning fellow Brainstainers! Now, if you’ve been following us for a while or you are just tuning in, we welcome you to join the switched on set of people who are totally aware of the shadow government’s pursuits in the fake news media and their abhorrent and pathetic ways. One of their main vehicles of complete and utter “BS” is of course, the once respected CNN, which seemingly on synchronised timing with Barack Obama’s second term, became more and more dubious by the day and even more so after the loss of their hope of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Let’s do a quick refresh of what CNN is all about, shall we?

They’re a fictional news source that abide by the rules of Satan’s attempt at deception, catering to the impressionable “sheeple” who tune into their news and some of their favourite fake narratives have obviously been the fantasy of Russian intervention in the US election to try to justify Hillary’s landslide loss to Donald Trump. Plus, they continually deny that Islam has anything to do with Terrorism, plus they have even placed job adverts to prospective applicants to invent fictional news stories. Yes, they even have their own “Fake News Invention” department to come up with, you guessed it, “FAKE NEWS”. Not shocking, we know… This is not any new news to us.

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As you already know CNN is a major failing news network and solely consists of giant losers working within, and we hate to say this, but if you watch CNN, you’re a giant loser too. So, if you’ve been living under a rock recently with the intelligence below that of a Neanderthal, then you might not have noticed just how stupid you have been for the past 18 months in watching their wretched news channel.

Today we bring you one of their most hilarious expositions of just how fake they are, just watch and take it all in (it’s a joy to behold) because can you recall all the terror attacks in recent times all over Europe and most recently in London?

CNN consistently deny that radical Islam exists, they even went some way to invent the term “Islamophobia” and what you just watched was a staged demonstration of the typical schtick of Muslims proclaiming “Not in our Name”, “This is not Islam”, “We Stand Together” “Love Will Win” and “Islam Condemns These Attacks”, so CNN had to actually pay for these people to stand out in their small numbers to express “Solidarity” and all that jazz. etc. etc.

Perhaps CNN, which now definitely stands for the Clinton News Network, have to now make amends for the Clinton Foundation’s corruption and bombing of the whole of the Middle East and Libya, during Barack Obama’s tenure, which resulted in the spreading of radical Islam into Europe and most definitely London. But, let’s not forget Bush and Blair, either…..

We take great pleasure in seeing CNN get exposed over and over again, and for those that created this monstrous lie that’s seen up above, will hopefully now be condemned to a Christian hell when they pass over, including the Female reporter.

Credit: Twitter

We have nothing against moderate Islam, in fact many of our best friends are Muslims, but we have a huge problem with radical Islam, socialist and liberal hacks and most definitely with CNN and their perpetuation of fake news. Additionally then, we also feel pity on the people who actually subscribe to CNN, due to their lack of having a clue or any vision in life.

CNN should perhaps be considered a sitcom because we can’t help but laugh at them and their employees, and naturally the “libtards” that actually believe anything that they say.

Having to pay the poorest of Muslims in London to come out and hold pre-made signs, with only a few dozen in attendance, really tells the real story of their pursuit of inventing fake news content, to run on their cable news network, doesn’t it?

If the deaths upon the West are not in the name of Islam, then what are they in the name of? Credit: abc7NY

Sure, most Muslims condemn the recent terror attacks, but clearly these people in the video are hired actors and it’s been revealed recently that two-thirds of Muslims in the United Kingdom would not report anything to the authorities, if they knew about an active terror plot or even terrorist operatives, before a terror attack would take place. Additionally, a lot of Muslims consider ISIS to be heroes, but CNN continues their deluded ways in covering up for the worldwide shadow government’s sickening exploits in the Middle East and to that of the resulting influx and planned Islamisation of Europe.

Don’t be stupid and vote for these fake cronies, but in France the stupidity was all too clear in voting in Emmanuel Macron, in turn, surrendering to Germany.

We can go on and on about everything that we already know, and also about CNN, but since they’ve now been exposed so many times on topics like the Russian collusion in the US election (doesn’t exist), to how they tried to laugh at Trump’s correct mention of what has happened to Sweden (absolutely right) and now to what we already knew, that these Muslims standing on liberal left leaning news networks, like CNN and the BBC, with their signs and with their interviews to say “Not in our Name”, this isn’t “Islam”, are just all apart of the grand deception of the people sitting at home, so they can continue to destroy the world, whilst brainwashing viewers to let this ongoing disaster continue.

It’s time that they infiltrate the Mosques with spies, it’s time to condemn Islam and it’s time to arrest, deport and kill off political correctness, plus for all you deluded liberals out there, it’s time for you to turn off CNN and pull the plug on left-wing mainstream news media, altogether.

Credit: IdiomsforU

Plus, if you work for CNN, we suggest in the words of Bill Hicks on advertising, which CNN essentially is nowadays, “False Advertising” to just “go home and kill yourself”.

Brainstain, over and out!

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