Diane Abbott Digs Her Own Grave Live on Sky News (WATCH)

We really love when Diane Abbott does interviews on the radio or appears on television because it seals the deal for the failing Labour party and their imminent demise. The shadow Home Secretary was left flustered and stirred in a one to one with Sky News anchor, Dermot Murnaghan, then failing to identify a single one of the Harris report’s recommendations for beefing up security in the capital after the many recent terror attacks, out of a selection of 127 in total. Following on from what you will see below, she decided to pull out of a radio interview this morning, blaming it on feeling unwell. Anyway, let’s enjoy Diane Abbott now, shall we?

She was photographed this morning at 8:30am at Oxford Circus tube station, despite claiming she was feeling ill, with a very perplexed and scattered demeanour just three days ahead of the general election, so perhaps she was made to cancel her radio appearance, but one thing she definitely wasn’t, was sick in any way shape or form. What sort of Home Secretary would she make if the Labour party would win? Well, an incredibly useless and bad one, at that! Now, let’s see some highlights of Diane Abbott’s many interview meltdowns.

It’s very clear that Diane Abbott is out of her depth and so is the Labour party, and we would sincerely think that Diane Abbott should at least get to do one more TV appearance in an attempt to redeem herself, don’t you? Before she withers into complete obscurity, after a hopeful and much expected Conservative Theresa May Tory victory, come results time on Thursday the 8th of June.

It’s time for the United Kingdom to be strong and to have established leaders in charge with logic, resilience and a track record of getting things done, which would totally not be applicable to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party and his clumsy sidekick in Diane Abbott. If Labour would be in power, the United Kingdom would become the laughing stock of Europe and all progress thus far, would be made redundant by another Labour party tenure, as has been evidenced in the past.

Go out and vote and vote right!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Sky News

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