Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous Tops Amazon Book Sales

Milo Yiannopoulos’ self published book Dangerous has defied Simon and Schuster completely, by topping Amazon sales and claiming the number one spot.

Of course, sweet justice reigns true after Simon and Schuster dropped him amidst political pressure due to Milo’s conservative views on world affairs amidst the failing left-wing democrats and their shambolic news media, which we also enjoy poking holes in at Brainstain, if you hadn’t already noticed.

The reasons for this are crystal clear, since we are not brainwashed by these socialist news networks and the biased shadow government coverage of world events, amidst mass immigration, the Islamisation of Europe, worldwide Islamic terrorism and other matters of great concern, such as the liberal left’s intolerance for any opposing views and the well documented collusion within the world government to liberal fascist groups, such as Antifa.

Milo described the book as the most controversial book of a generation and the book is set for release on July 4th and his fanbase has already put him on the number one spot due to pre-ordering ahead of time, although some news outlets are claiming that the book slipped down to 2nd place, but we are convinced that it will return to the number one spot in due time, especially upon the release date.

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Not bad for a man who was dropped by Simon and Schuster amidst left-wing media’s pursuit to silence him by insinuating in a casual late night radio show podcast on the Joe Rogan show, from a little less than a year ago, on July 7th, 2016, that in someway Milo was condoning pedophilia, which of course, as we all know was politically motivated to try and silence him, but he has gone from strength to strength, as expected.

In fact, where was this spot in the radio podcast show, that they claimed was condoning any such claims of pedophilia? We have since listened through this very podcast and can’t seem to find any fault in it. Ridiculous!

To make things even sweeter though, his book on pre-order has beaten Hillary Clinton’s new book, which we won’t sell with Amazon links on our page, so very sorry to any of the Demofascists that visit our page regularly just to see what we will write about next.

Milo has already acquired a $12 million investment to start a speech touring company for like-minded speakers such as himself, according to Vanity Fair, with Milo Inc. reportedly set to be a business nightmare for “journalists, professors, politicians, feminists, Black Lives matter activists and other professional victims a living hell” in his own words.

Milo also stated “I’m going to be actively hunting around for the next Milo”.

Well, he may say some outrageous things on that Joe Rogan podcast (but not really as it’s in the context of jokes mainly), but it’s his alignment on politics, his vision of the deluded left and with his condoning of free speech and being against political correctness is something that we can all relate to and such rhetoric is to be revered in this day and age of deluded liberals, which is the reason for his meteoric rise with many followers and fans.

So in fact, his conservative views are shared by many, but many feel that they need to remain silent for fear of being deemed a racist and or suffer from supposed Islamophobia, because they’re more than aware of the dangers of radical Islam. Do we really need to re-cap on recent terror attacks, the Clinton Foundation corruption and the fake liberal news media, like CNN, nope, we don’t think so either…


So, pre-order your copy of Dangerous right here!

Brainstain, over and out!

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