Sadiq Khan Shows His Weakness on Good Morning Britain

Sadiq Khan is clearly out of his depth after all the recent terror attacks in London and those earlier comments on Islamic terror continue to come back and haunt him, but yesterday morning he did more to try to placate his position with Donald Trump, but suffered from a very public grilling from Piers Morgan and naturally many British people are not happy with the London Mayor.

Let’s take a look now and we are almost starting to feel sorry for how this man is so incredibly weak and that he’s being exposed to the point where he even tries to pin the blame on the British government for budget cuts, rather than give any straight answers on what should be done to tackle topics of concern such as returning ISIS fighters, just take a look at this video here.

“I can’t follow 400 people” – Sadiq Khan’s quote on how he can’t track 400 ISIS operatives in London or even get the chief of the Met police to do so.

“The three men responsible for the attack on Saturday night, hadn’t come from overseas, they were, for all intensive purposes integrated into our way of life” – Sadiq Khan

Really Sadiq Khan? Were they integrated into our way of life, if they are Islamic Extremist ISIS terrorists?

But, it gets even better as exclusive news is revealed this morning that Sadiq Khan spoke at the same conference of Sajeel Shahid, who has been accused and proven to be running terrorist camps and professing Islamic Extremism onto impressionable minds.

Sajeel Shahid set up a terrorist training camp in Pakistan in 2003. Credit: Daily Mail

Yes, in 2003, Sadiq Khan was a Human Rights activist who spoke at the same conference as terror operative Sajeel Shahid, who called for violence against British troops at the time and had even set up a terror camp in Pakistan back in 2003, where terrorists were taught how to make bombs and also taught the intricate “in’s and out’s” of fire rocket-propelled grenades.

Sajeel Shahid also trained the 7/7  bomber, Mohammed Siddique Khan at one of his terrorist camps, who on July 7th in 2005, killed 52 people on the London Underground and on a bus in Russell Square with detonated suicide bombs.

Now, we have been saying this for a long time, but isn’t it a conflict of interest that Sadiq Khan is the elected Mayor of London at this time, given this morning’s revelations of speaking at the same conference as a known terrorist trainer and Islamic extremist fanatic back in 2003? What was Sadiq Khan even doing there?

Sajeel Shahid was gym buddies in East London with Saturday night’s terror attacker, Khuram Butt, who was shot down after killing many innocent people in the name of radical Islam on London Bridge. This puts Sadiq Khan less than six degrees of separation away from the known London Bridge terror attacker back in the year of 2003. Coincidence or just bad luck?

Khuram Butt, the terror “loser” attacker. Credit: Daily Mail

Seemingly, this “Not in My Name” and with CNN’s staged fake Muslim demonstration just the other day and now Sadiq Khan’s recent quote of “The three men responsible for the attack on Saturday night, hadn’t come from overseas, they were, for all intensive purposes integrated into our way of life”


So, perhaps Islam does in fact harbour intense evil within the British Islamic community and with radicals performing hate indoctrination in Mosques across the country, seemingly there might be a problem within them, but is Sadiq Khan addressing that very fact? No he isn’t.

He can say that it’s not in the majority of Islam’s name, but he is failing to do anything or even mention the radicalization of British Muslims, but instead he’s just saying things and he’s not willing to tackle the problem at hand. In fact, he won’t even mention that there is a problem, because in his mind “Terrorist attacks are part and parcel of city life”.

These same sentiments that we have, were also reiterated by Donald Trump Jr. who told ABC news, “Rather than the mayor of London attacking maybe he should do something about it. Maybe he should do something to fix the problem rather than just sit there and pretend there isn’t one. I think that’s an important message.”

Now, let’s delve into some more of Sadiq Khan’s interaction with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, shall we? Just look at his face, “I think you are being very generous to Donald Trump” Sadiq Khan said to Piers Morgan.

We agree that Sadiq Khan might be sensitive to Trump’s initial comments on banning all Muslims to travel to America, but did Trump ever suggest in his travel ban of banning all Muslims? No, he didn’t. He listed seven countries that are renowned for their terror camps.

And yes, what about Sadiq Khan’s organised reception meeting of ambassadors from 11 nations that currently bar Israelis and Jews from entering. Piers Morgan is absolutely right for calling out Sadiq Khan as a hypocrite. It’s clear that Sadiq Khan is emphasising the very definition of double standards with this and now as he tries to call for Donald Trump’s state visit to be cancelled in the Autumn, recently saying that his position remains the same on Donald Trump’s state visit.

This of course, has been shutdown by the British government, but naturally Sadiq Khan’s lacklustre ways are finally catching up with him and it will be interesting to see how he reacts now. Will he change his attitude to accommodate the threat of Islamic radicals and the 23,000 ISIS sympathisers, operatives and known potential terrorists that are residing in the United Kingdom? Will he covertly seek the infiltration of Mosques? We sincerely doubt it.

So furthermore, it is extremely ignorant of Sadiq Khan to try and damage the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the U.S.A. Who is more important to the welfare of the U.K.? The U.S.A. or just Sadiq Khan?

The leader of the Free World has not been impressed by socialist Sadiq Khan and we totally agree, so let’s hope Sadiq Khan finally changes his tune. Credit: CNN

Unfortunately, Sadiq Khan is coming across as a bit smug and an arrogant individual to a certain degree, and this won’t sit well with the majority of the British public. We are sure he’s a nice guy somewhere deep down inside, but he’s way out of his depth here, so perhaps he needs to find a Public Relations advisor at this point? So, that he can avoid saying anything else that will shoot himself in the foot, even more so.

His popularity is waning and with his latest comments on Good Morning Britain, surely it didn’t help him out at all.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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