Dating Trends: What Exactly Is A Sapiosexual And What Is A Stupisexual?

You know about online dating, right? Have you ever tried it? Did it work for you? We’re willing to bet that you might even be one of those “Sapiosexuals” we hear so much about. It’s probably written on your dating profile right now, stopping any prospective unintelligent and completely stupid people dead in their tracks before they even attempt to message you or swipe right on your profile. How convenient the term has become.

Almost as if it was some sort of protective firewall of internet security to filter out further idiots from ever dating you, just like in the past, right? Now surely women know this, as they are most like constantly pestered within all online dating platforms, for all types of things, so perhaps this was where women thought that they could list Sapiosexual as the key factor in what they are looking for.

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Perhaps, to take some sort of moral high ground of being attracted to only intelligence or just perhaps to eliminate those dumb as a doorknob dates that they’ve had to go on so far. So now let’s have an official definition of Sapiosexual, shall we?

1.      (of a person) finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.
We presume that in order to make these women need to go home and change their underwear, you just have to show them your mensa score, even though you might look like this:

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Pretty arousing, eh? No disrespect to Sloth from The Goonies though and he wasn’t the brightest after all, but you get where we are going with this, since if there’s no physical attraction, we’d like to see your claim to be a sapiosexual, completely watertight.

Furthermore, if people claim to be sapiosexuals, then we’d really like to see them get it on with; let’s say Stephen Hawking (no disrespect to the genius either), because surely he’d be the most attractive man in the world and very arousing indeed, for he is more than a bit of genius if we are not mistaken.

So, what defines intelligence? Usually an IQ test is a safe bet or just perhaps talking to the person firsthand, which online dating has totally eliminated. So, perhaps you might request a CV before your date and then it might be even easier to determine someone’s intelligence, but a CV might not determine how intelligent a person really is, right? How many stupid people do you know that are holding down good paying jobs? Probably quite a few, right?

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Do you think that by claiming to be a sapiosexual, that it actually accomplishes anything in the dating world for you?

However, in the rise of all these advertised sapiosexuals and other weird terminologies, this has birthed a completely new terminology which is catching on like wildfire and is now being used to advertise for those that only wish to date the most unintelligent and quite frankly the most stupid people out there, which is now referred to as “Stupisexuals“.

Yes, people have become tired of intelligence and with the vast amounts of completely stupid people who are out there, by stating that you are an official “stupisexual” means that you will naturally widen the prospective dating pool infinitely by at least ten fold. So, what’s stopping you? We’ve already put stupisexual in on our online dating profile, so why won’t you?

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The reasons for this can be quite justifiable, since online dating has essentially ruined dating altogether, so why just narrow it down to being a sapiosexual? Perhaps this will give men and women a perceived sense of self-worth beforehand or just even give fair warning to stupid men or women, that they need not apply.

The term sapiosexual is a totally dubious claim of self-identification to make and it’s a bit politically incorrect or at least a bit offensive to stupid people, and in a very distorted and liberal world of dating terms, this could even be deemed as being racist to stupid people. Should we discriminate against people like this?

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Maybe we should, or maybe we shouldn’t? It’s all gone tits up, apparently. So now that we have coined the phrase “stupisexual” because you’re only into dumb f*cks, then now you can also thank us in advance. You heard it here first!

Does anybody really want to date somebody stupid? No! So do you really need to say that you are attracted to somebody intelligent? Again, we say no.


Brainstain, over and out!

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